Getting to the Familypark from Vienna

I have just read the following article about the Familypark in Vienna and would love to pay it a visit. How can I easily get to the Familypark from Vienna?

That is a brilliant question and a question that many people ask themselves. Luckily, it is quite easy to get to the Familypark from Vienna. In the article, the author decides to rent a car and travel to the Familypark on his own. That is for sure the easiest way to visit the park, and the ride should take between 60-75 minutes, depending on where you are staying in Vienna.

The exact address and coordinates of the park are:

Märchenparkweg 1
7062 St. Margarethen
GPS-Data: 47° 48′ 6.785” N ,16° 38′ 51.078” E

How to get to the Familypark from Vienna
How to get to the Familypark from Vienna – Source

How to get to the Familypark with public transportation?

But, most people reading this and asking the same question probably wants to get there without renting a car.

To get to the Familypark, get to Vienna Hauptbahnhof first (you can easily get there using the metro system in Vienna). There you will have to find bus 200 and travel to Eisenstadt/Domplatz. When you get there you have to change to bus 285 which will travel to the Familypark during the opening times of the park.  There is a dedicated bus stop outside the park.

The bus ride from Vienna to Eisenstadt normally takes around 1 hour an 20 min.

We hope these answers will help you out. If you have further comments or questions, use the comment field beneath.

How and where to watch the FIFA World Cup in Vienna?

Would you like to watch the FIFA World Cup in Vienna? The city is a gorgeous city, but during the FIFA World Cup, you will want to see more than just Schönbrunn, Hofburg, and the Parlament while in town. You want to watch football. How and where can it be done?

How and where to watch the FIFA World Cup in Vienna

We have great news for you. It is very easy to watch the World Cup in football while in Vienna. The least social way to watch the event is by turning on the TV in your hotel room and watch the event on ORF, a free TV channel. You can also visit and watch the matches online there.

If you want to be more social and watch the matches together with others, then you can walk around and see the matches broadcast in about any pub around town. Lots of restaurants will also broadcast the event, and if you live in a hotel like the Marriott Hotel, you can find a sports-pub next to the entrance where you can watch all the matches and eat some great steaks while watching.

There will also be public screenings of the World Cup in Vienna. On such spots, you can watch the matches outdoor on giant screens.  Here are some of the places at which you can watch the World Cup outdoors in Vienna.

  • Strandbar Herrmann, Herrmannpark (Donaukanal-Urania), 1030 Wien
  • Summer Stage, Donaukanal, U4 Rossauer Lände, 1090 Wien
  • Badeschiff, Donaukanal (Schwedenplatz/Urania), 1010 Wien
  • Adria Wien, Donaukanal, Obere Donaustraße/Salztorbrücke, 1020 Wien

Sounds good, doesn’t it? If you want to watch the World Cup online in your own language (and not with German commentators), you can read more about how to watch the World Cup online in this article. At the site, you can also find a detailed schedule for the FIFA World Cup.

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Vienna!

Can I visit Zagreb on a day-trip from Vienna?

Are you coming to Vienna and considering opportunities for different day excursions? Can a day-trip to Zagreb be arranged from Vienna?

Vienna is a beautiful city, but if you have been there a couple of times, then you might consider visiting other cities and places not so far from Vienna. Can Zagreb be an example of such a destination? Maybe you have been inspired by the fact that Zagreb was just recommended as the number one destination to visit in Europe in 2017 by Lonely Planet?

Visit Zagreb from Vienna
Zagreb is a truly beautiful city. But, maybe a bit too far away from Vienna for a day trip… By Dreamer4787 / Shutterstock

Facts about the trip between Vienna and Zagreb

If you do the trip with a flight, it can be expected to last for about 50 minutes. It is a short travel when you go straight, but if you decide to go with a car instead the fastest road is totally 373km. On a day when traffic goes as normal and there are no special accidents or lines, then you should be able to cover this distance in about 4 hours. If you ask us, then 4 hours is a bit too much for a day-trip to Zagreb, and thus we would not recommend a day-trip to Zagreb from Vienna.

Where should you go on a day trip from Vienna then?

There are lots of destinations that can be reached on a day trip from Vienna much easier than Zagreb. What about Bratislava in Slovakia? The capital is less than an hour away from Vienna by car and can easily be reached. You can even travel by boat if you are lucky.

If you want to travel some more than a day trip to Salzburg can also be arranged quite easily, and if you want to go to the east, then Budapest is a capital only 250km from Vienna. Traveling on the highway you can reach Budapest in about 2,5 hours of driving if there is no trouble on the road.

What do you think? Where would you like to go on a day trip from Vienna?


Dates for the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2017

Are you preparing your travel to Vienna before Christmas in 2017? When will the Christmas markets be arranged in Vienna in 2017?

Unfortunately the dates for the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2017 remain a secret so far. Normally they are published in August or September, so you will have to be patient till then. But, we do have a guess for the opening of the most famous Christmas market in front of the City Hall in Vienna. If they follow tradition the Christmas market will open on November 10th or 11th and remain open till the start of January.

When will the Christmas markets in Vienna be arranged in 2017?
When will the Christmas markets in Vienna be arranged in 2017?

We will update our blog with more information as soon as official information has been released. You can also check our what’s on in Vienna article for more information.

But, do not despair. There are so much to do in Vienna before Christmas, and one of the best way to prepare for your Vienna Christmas market trip is by reading our article telling you why Vienna is the number one city in Europe to visit before Christmas. The city is so beautiful before Christmas that you simply have to check it out and enjoy it!

You can also read more about all the different Christmas markets in Vienna right here.

Wi-Fi hotspots in Vienna

Are you coming to Vienna and need to access your email and surf the Internet? Worried if you will find a free Wi-Fi hotspot or not? We have the information you need!

There are plenty of Wi-Fi hotspots in Vienna, so you will for sure have no problem actually finding them. Here are a few advises that will help you out, and make sure to read our advises related to security issues as well!

FabrikaSimf / Shutterstock

Finding a Wi-Fi hotspot in Vienna

  • When you book your hotel or apartment check out whether it has WiFi available or not, and whether or not it is included in your price. Most hotels include WiFi in the price, and if that is so then you have no need to worry.
  • If you need to surf the Internet or write an email, why not eat your lunch or have a cup of coffee in a place with WiFi available? This is getting more and more common, but check if they have a WiFi logo on the door or ask the waiter upon arrival.
  • In these days you can even access WiFi hotspots while traveling on public transportation (on some buses, tram lines and so).
  • Quite a lot of the big shopping complexes offer free WiFi while shopping around. Some require registration (free), while others can be used at once without any registration.

Some security measures when using WiFi hotspots in Vienna and elsewhere

  • Watch out for evil twin networks. Those look like harmless networks, but they are there to steal your confidential data. You can read more about evil twin networks here.
  • You should be careful about using WiFi networks without encryption (using no password protection). Hackers can easily steal your data and information as you use those. Choose secure networks only. If your hotel only has open WiFi without encryption, you should consider using a VPN to secure your online activity.

Some hotels with free WiFi hotspots in Vienna

Are you not satisfied with the article so far? Would you desperately want to know some exact examples of hotels that will guarantee you free surfing while in Vienna? Well, let us get into the mud and give you some real examples!

One of the most central hotels in Vienna is Hotel Am Stephansplatz. This is in the very heart of the city, and if you decide to stay there during your trip to Vienna you can also enjoy their free Wifi.

Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design is another hotel in Vienna with beautiful interior and exterior, and with free WiFi. It isn’t as centrally located as Hotel Am Stephansplatz, but if you want to live close to the most famous Christmas market in Vienna, then this is a brilliant hotel.

Sofitel Hotel Stephansdom is a five star hotel in the heart of the city. This is even more exclusive than Hotel Am Stephansplatz, and you can enjoy a view to the most famous landmark of Vienna from the windows.

If you come to Vienna to enjoy a concert in Stadthalle, then Boutique Hotel Stadthalle might be the perfect hotel for you. It is close to the concert venue, and you can immediately go back to your hotel and upload YouTube videos, pictures and other content from the concert to your social profiles using the free WiFi available in the hotel!

We can not guarantee that these hotels will have free WiFi forever, but based on their current policies they should have it. Make sure to check it out upon booking anyway!

Happy surfing in Vienna

With some preparation you will live in a hotel with WiFi in Vienna, and you can have all your lunches and drink all your cups of coffee in coffee-bars with WiFi in Vienna. If you are reading this article from such a place, write a comment to say hello, and maybe tell us where you are. Maybe more of our readers wants to go where you are to use the WiFi connection available as well!

Where can I watch Eurovision 2015 recording online?

I really enjoyed the Eurovision 2015 which was arranged in Stadthalle in Vienna and would love to watch Eurovision 2015 recording online. Is that possible? Where can I watch it online?

It really was a great competition and with some fantastic songs that were played. Congratulations to Sweden on the victory and if fact we can already now look forward to the final in Sweden which will be arranged in a couple of months from now.

Watch Eurovision 2015 recording online
Watch Eurovision 2015 recording online

If you however would like to watch the full final from Vienna in 2015 then you can do so online easily, because the entire Eurovision 2015 final is available on several websites.

You can for example watch it on YouTube at the following page. There you will also watch it with International Sign Language something that might be a bit disturbing, but at least it is possible to watch it. You can start watching it right now, right here:

If you want to watch it in some other way then you can also watch it on the official Eurovision website, but you will probably need to install some extra plugin to your browser. Full recording can be seen here.

If you are not satisfied with this version either then you can also watch it online on the website of the Norwegian TV channel NRK. The full final can be found here. Notice that there is a little minus to this because you will need a Norwegian IP address for this to work, so if you want to watch NRK from abroad then you should press one of the links for more information.

Enjoy watching the songs and hope you will enjoy the song. Do you also agree that the Swedish song was the best?



Sports bars in Vienna showing Premier League

I am looking for bars and pubs in Vienna where I can watch Premier League matches. Can you please give me some advices on where to go?

Thank you for asking! There are quite a lot of good bars and pubs in Vienna where you can go, but the three most famous bars in Vienna known for showing sports events such as Olympics, Cricket, Tour de France (Bicycle), Rugby and of course football and Premier League are:

Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant

This is not the typical sports bar packed with overweight people who do nothing else than drinking bear and watching Premier League all day. The Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant is in fact a part of the five star Marriott hotel in Vienna, so this should give a good feeling about the atmosphere of the place at once. The place is packed with screens where you can watch your favorite sports events and you can of course grab some refreshing drinks or have an entire meal as well while watching the Premier League.
Champions Vienna

It is easy to get to this bar, because you only walk from the Opera towards the Stadtpark, and then keep on walking along the ring and soon you will see the Marriott hotel on your left side.

Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant
Address: Parkring 12a · Wien 1010 Österreich

Pointers Vienna

At Pointers in Vienna you can see a whole lot of football all year around, and if there is one match that is a little interesting somewhere, then Pointers will probably show it. They also show other sports which might be interesting to the crowds, and this place is a bit cheaper than the Champions Sports Bar.  Pointers is located very close to the tram stop Wien Resselgasse, which is close to the Karlskirche and the Karlsplatz metro stop.


Address: Resselgasse 5, 1040 Wien


If you are not satisfied with the two bars mentioned here, then you can also go for Flanagan’s which is more central than both of these as it is located very near the Opera, in the inner district of Vienna (address: Schwarzenbergstraße 1-3). At Flanagans you can watch Darts, AFL, Cricket, Rugby, Golf, Premier League and lots of other cool stuff! This pub was also voted by many to be the best Irish pub in Europe in 2014.


Enjoy watching the Premier League and all other of your favorite sports in these bars in Vienna. If you have further questions or anyone else has further insight and comments, just write.

If anyone looks for further information on watching the Premier League online, then will serve you well for that purpose.

The best 3 star hotels in Vienna

Vienna is the capital and also the largest city of Austria. Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in whole Europe and every year thousands of people are visiting the city from all over the world.

The city has countless programs, activities such as festivals and concerts and in Vienna you can find various restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs as well. One of the most important things during a holiday is to find the perfect place to stay, fortunately Vienna has several opportunities for this as well. So in this article we will list the best 3 star hotels in the city.

Which are the best five star hotels in Vienna?

Hotel Kugel (Siebensterngasse 43, 1070 Vienna, Austria)

The first 3 star hotel from our list is the Hotel Kugel. The Hotel Kugel is located in the heart of Vienna close to the nicest attractions in the city. The hotel has 25 rooms and each of the rooms have unique and a lovely style. In the hotel you can choose from a wide selection of the most delicious breakfasts.

Check prices and book a room in this hotel

Hotel Kugel

The Austria Classic Hotel Wien (Praterstraße 72, 1020 Vienna, Austria)

The Austria Classic Hotel Wien is the second from our list. The hotel is located in the heart of the city near to the metro and the train station which makes it really easy to get everywhere in the city and to the airport as well. The rooms in the hotel are really clean and comfortable and all of them has a unique style. The breakfast in the hotel is delicious and there are various breakfast choices.

Check prices and book a room in this hotel

Austria Hotel Classic

Hotel Zipser (Lange Gasse 49, 1080 Vienna, Austria)

Hotel Zipser is also a 3 star hotel in Vienna. Hotel Zipser is located in the centre of the city nearby to the Rathaus and the metro as well. There are several restaurants and shops around the corner as well. The hotel has free WiFi connection and breakfast for every visitor. The rooms are confortable and nice and the staff and the service is friendly.

Check prices and book a room in this hotel

Hotel Zipser

Hotel Viktoria (Eduard-Klein-Gasse 9, 1130 Vienna, Austria)

The Hotel Viktoria is located also in the centre of the city nearby all the famous attractions in the city. It is also a three star hotel in Vienna and the hotel is really close to the famous Schönbrunn Palace. There are free WiFi access in the whole hotel for all the visitors and the hotel has 29 stylish rooms. The breakfast at the hotel is delicious.

Check prices and book a room in this hotel

Hotel Viktoria Wien
Hotel Viktoria Wien

What is Vienna like on Christmas Eve?

What is life like in Vienna on Christmas Eve? Are most restaurants closed, or are they open? Do people go out to eat, or are they at home with their family instead?

First og all thank you for the question! Christmas is a very important holiday in Vienna, and that is why Austrians like to spend especially Christmas Eve together with their family and best friends. And as you asked, they almost always do this at home, in their own houses. That is why restaurants are often closed, because the employees are at home celebrating Christmas as well. However, those who come to town as tourists also need a place to eat on Christmas Eve, and that is why there are some exceptions, that is, there are some restaurants that remain open also on Christmas Eve.

Restaurants in Vienna on Christmas Eve.

One general rule is that it can be useful to book a very nice hotel in Vienna on Christmas Eve, because the best hotels in Vienna have nice restaurants, and they keep them open, also on Christmas Eve. That is why you could check up with your hotel as well, to see if they have a restaurant in which you can dine on Christmas Eve.

Besides restaurants connected to hotels there are some independent restaurants as well that stay open on Christmas Eve. These are not so many, and unfortunately we can not present you with a complete list of such restaurants, but here you can find the names on some restaurants and cafes that have had open doors on Christmas Eve in previous years. If anyone has further feedback, names on open restaurants and cafes, please write a comment to share your knowledge!

Open in Vienna on Christmas Eve

Café Imperial
Kärntner Ring 16
Tel. + 43-1-501 10-0

Café Landtmann
Universitätsring 4
Tel. + 43-1-241 00-100

Café-Restaurant Mozart
Albertinaplatz 2
Tel. + 43-1-241 002 10

Himmelpforte Restaurant und Bar
Himmelpfortgasse 24
Tel. + 43-1-513 64 13

Restaurant Gulaschmuseum
Schulerstraße 20
Tel. + 43-1-512 10 17

Restaurant Nasch – Austrian Tapas und Wein
Schottenring 11
Tel. + 43-1-313 90-22 402

Restaurant Opus
Kärntner Ring 16
Tel. + 43-1-501 10-0

Pizzeria & Restaurant Trattoria Santo Stefano
Dorotheergasse 3
Tel. + 43-1-512 15 31-86

Silvio Nickol Gourmet Restaurant
Coburgbastei 4B
Tel. + 43-1-518 18 870

Restaurant Dstrikt – The Ritz-Carlton Vienna
Schubertring 5
Tel. + 43-1-311 88-110

If you want to do some Christmas market shopping while in town, check this site for updated information on the Viennese Chrismas markets.

Is Netflix available in Austria?

Is Netflix available in Austria?

Netflix in AustriaThank you for the question! At the moment Netflix is not available in Austria, but the news on the Internet tell us that Netflix will come to Austria and to Vienna in less than two months, in September (source: Until know most people have used the VPN solution described in the article on Netflixnews to watch Netflix in Austria, but as of September that will no longer be needed. The only problem that can be expected after that time is when Austrians or people with an Austrian Netflix account go abroad, they will need to get themselves an Austrian IP address to watch their Austrian Netflix account, but that can easily be fixed as well, so nothing to think about.

Shortly: Netflix will come to Austrian September 2014.