Stephansdom Vienna
Stephansdom Vienna

The Stephansdom has received its name from the first martyr in Church History, Stephen of whom we can read in Acts 7. The dome is more than 100 metres long and 39 metres high. The highest tower is though much higher, it reaches more than 135 metres up into the sky. They started the building of the church in the 12th century and some parts are still left from the original church building.

The Stephansdom was heavily injured during the last days of the Second World War, but the Austrian people together worker hard to see the most important church in Austria get back to its former beauty within shortly.

It is possible to go up into one tower from where you can enjoy a beautiful view, but consider the fact that you need to walk up more than 300 stairs to get there. Did you know by the way that the biggest church bell in the Stephansdom has a weight surpassing 20 tonne? And the church has more than 3 million visitors every single year!

Stephansdom Vienna
Stephansplatz 3, 1010 Wien

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