Schönbrunn was the summer palace of the Habsburg emperors (while Hofberg was the winter palace), but after the fall of the Habsburg dynasty in 1918 the Republic took over the control of the Schönbrunn palace. Today this is a major attraction among tourists and if you have time it is possible to spend an entire day here. In the area you will find the Schönbrunn Palace which has more than 1400 rooms. In addition you can find a car museum, a Gloriette, wells, chapels, a labyrinth, a botanical garden, a technical museum and the oldest zoo in the world.

Schonnbrunn Wien
Schonnbrunn Wien

Schönbrunn has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1996. Before Christmas Schönbrunn is known to have one of the nicest Christmas Markets in Europe.

Schönbrunn Vienna
Schloß Schönbrunn, 1130 Wien

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