Vienna Guide
Vienna Guide

Welcome to our Vienna Guide. As the capital of Austria and with a population exceeding 1, 7 million Vienna is one of the largest cities in Europe and a real beauty to visit. As a cultural capital throughout centuries we today know Vienna as the capital of classical music and beautiful architecture.

In our Vienna Guide you will find useful information about attractions, activities, hotels, restaurants and you will also find practical advices and tips for your stay.

A Vienna Guide could contain thousands of pages as there are things to write about on every corner of Vienna, but we will try to focus in on the most important, and hopefully you will get a good overview and a nice foretaste of what you will see and experience as you visit Vienna yourself.

If you have already been to Vienna feel free to comment in on the restaurants and hotels featured, and share your experiences with the rest of our visitors!

We wish everyone a blessed and wonderful stay in Vienna!

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