Public transportation

The public transportation system in Vienna is working great and is ideal in a town with as big distances between attractions and activities as Vienna. In every metro station, you can get hold of your tickets for public transportation, and we highly recommend using a 24-hour, 48-hour, or 72-hour card as you come to Vienna. These tickets need to be validated as you use them for the first time. These tickets can be used on trams, buses, and the five metro lines.

Public transportation prices:

  • Single ticket: 2,40 euro
  • 24-hour ticket: 8 euro
  • 48-hour ticket: 14 euro
  • 72-hour ticket: 17 euro

Vienna Metro Map

(click the map for a high-resolution version)

vienna metro map
A map showing the different metro lines of Vienna.

Which metro to use?

How to travel to Schönbrunn with public transportation?

Let us say that you want to travel to Schönbrunn to visit the zoo or walk around in the fantastic park surrounding the castle? Which metro should you use? The best option is to travel with U4 (green line) to the Schönbrunn stop and walk from there.

How to travel to Hofburg with public transportation?

Would you rather visit the magnificent Hofburg Palace in the center of Vienna? It can easily be reached with buses, tram lines, and metro lines as it is in the very center of Vienna. A great option is to travel with U4 to Karlsplatz or with U3 to Volkstheater and then either walk from there or travel with by tram to the stop in between named Burgring.

Are you eager to visit the Christmas market at Rathausplatz?

Vienna’s most famous Christmas market is at Rathausplatz, in front of the City Hall. You can easily reach it on foot from anywhere in the city center, but if you want to use public transportation, the nearest metro stop is Schottentor on U2. From there, you can easily reach the City Hall on foot or travel one stop with the tram and leave the tram at the Rathaus stop.

Got a train to catch from Westbahnhof? How to get there?

The most used railway station in Vienna is Westbahnhof. It is at the end of the popular shopping street Mariahilfferstrasse, and you can travel to the railway station using metro line U3 or U6 and get off at the stop named Westbahnhof.

Ready for some fun in Präter?

Would you like to travel with the Ferris Wheel in Präter, or maybe enjoy the view from more than 100 meters up in the air sitting in a chair with your legs hanging down? Präter is the place to go. You can get to the area easily if you travel to the stop Präterstern which is available with U1 and U2.

Want to eat breakfast in the Donauturm?

Would you like to enjoy the view from the top of the Donauturm? Maybe you are eager to eat some breakfast there, or do you have an important meeting in the Vienna International Centre? You can visit both areas as you travel with U1 to the stop Kaisermühlen VIC.

Need to leave your car somewhere? This is a great option!

Would you like to park your car at a low price and then travel in Vienna with public transportation? Leave your car at the giant car park at Erdberg (P+R) and travel by metro line U3 to the city center from there.

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