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Vienna City Marathon 2025

The beautiful city of Vienna is waiting for you. The city is worth exploring on foot, but have you ever considered exploring the city while running 21km or 42km? That is possible if you come to Vienna to participate in the Vienna City Marathon. On this Sunday in April (every year) you can run a full marathon or a half-marathon. Doesn’t that sound cool?

Most big cities in Europe with self-respect arrange their own marathon. But, even though there are marathons in lots of cities, the annual marathon in Vienna is one of the nicest of them all. The race starts from Wagramer Straße / Reichsbrücke at 9:00 in the morning, and you will be running along the Ringstraße, next to the Burgtheater, as you cross the finish line after 21km or 42km. This event is so popular that the Austrian TV channel ORF broadcasts the entire event live on TV.

A maximum of 35,000 participants are allowed to participate in the race, so if this is important to you, it is smart to register as soon as possible. It is also worth knowing that the price increases with time and as more and more people register.

Vienna City Marathon 2025

Date: April 6.

Where can I register for the Vienna Marathon?

You can register for the event at https://www.vienna-marathon.com/. There you can also read about the event and find practical information.

How much does it cost to participate in the Vienna Marathon?

It costs between 90 euros and 135 euros to participate in the full marathon, depending on how early you register for the event.
The half-marathon costs between 70 euros and 105 euros, depending on how early you register for the event.

Are there any other competitions available for children and those not capable of running a half-marathon or full-marathon during the weekend?

On the day before the marathon (Saturday), there is a 5km run for all ages, and there are also children’s races with a distance of 800 or 1600 meters.

Can you recommend a cheap hotel or apartment in Vienna?

Would you like to spend as little as possible on your accommodation as you come to run the marathon in Vienna? Look at the map below and look for the cheapest options to find hotels or apartments ideal for you.


Are there any other running competitions in Vienna worth experiencing?

There are several other running competitions in Vienna. You can read more about many of them in our events calendar which presents information about what’s happening in Vienna. There you can also read about concerts, exhibitions, Christmas markets, Easter markets, and other great programs in Vienna.



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