Wurstelprater is an amusement park in the second district of Vienna (Leopoldstadt). The entire area is ideal for families with loads of activities such as rollercoasters, bumper cars and the most famous attraction is the Wiener Riesenrad. The Wiener Riesenrad is german and means “Viennese giant wheel”, and the Ferris Wheel is one of the major attractions in all of Vienna. It was built in 1897, and has since then been featured in “The Living Daylights” a James Bond film made in 1987.

If you want to experience some adrenaline, you can travel with Vienna Airlines above Vienna in the simulator located in the Wurstelprater. It only lasts for 3 minutes, but it is a very cool experience for those who like simulators, actions and some wind in the hair!

The park is open from 10.00 to 01.00 during main season which is from March 15 to October 31. Some parts are open throughout the entire year. It is free entrance into the area, you only pay for the activities you choose to use.

This is one of the most family friendly activities in Vienna, so if you come with children, this might be your number one priority while in Vienna. It is though worth knowing that most activities are best suited for children of seven years or older, but if you come with smaller children, there are some activities suitable for them as well, for example the little railway taking you from the Prater fun park to the Ernst Happel Stadium and back.

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