Vienna Trail Run

Are you tired of running on the asphalt? Would you rather come to Vienna and run up and down surrounded by trees and some steep hills? You should definitely consider registering for the Vienna Trail Run!

You can find a lot of information about the event at the official website at The website is only available in German at the moment, but do not forget that Google Translate is your friend if you don’t understand German.

What are the most important things you need to know about the race?

The race normally takes place in the autumn, late in October. It takes place a bit outside the city center of Vienna, but still within the borders of the city. There are three distances to choose from; 7km, 15km, or 23km. It is one thing to run 7km or 23km in a flat city, but this race is different. The 7km race has an elevation gain of 300 meters, while the 15km race has an elevation gain of 550 meters. If you decide to run the longest distance, you will experience an elevation gain of 1000 meters.

map for Vienna Trail Run, 23 km
Here you can see the map and the elevation differences if you decide to run the 23km distance.

Vienna Trail Run 2024

Date: October 20

How much does it cost to participate? Where can I register?

The participation fees vary between 20 euros and 45 euros. The earlier you register, the cheaper it is. You can register for the event at

Where is the start of the race?

The race starts from Am Cobenzl 96 (Parkplatz) – Restaurant Waldgrill

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Oct 20 2024


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