Leopold Run 2024

Are you eager to run either 7km, 14km, or 21km in a race in the Prater area in Vienna? This area is commonly used for running competitions, and during the Leopoldi Run you can decide to run a set track either once, twice, or three times. If you run the distance three times, you will have finished a half-marathon by the time you cross the finish line.

It is possible to come to the area on the day of the competition to partake, but if the maximum number of runners has been reached, you will not be able to participate. The registration fee is normally around 30 euros if you register beforehand, while it costs about 32 euros if you register on the spot.

There is little information about the Leopoldi Run in English online, but the most important you need to know is that the race starts from Prater Hauptallee, and the full race takes place in the area surrounding Prater. You can see a map showing the route for the races below.

Leopold Run 2024

Date: November 17
Location: Prater Hauptallee

Questions about the Leopold Run in Vienna.

Where can I register for the race?

You can register for the race at https://www.pentek-payment.at/. The page is by default in German, but you can click the English flag to access the website in English, making the registration process a lot easier.

Where does the run take place?

The run starts from Prater Hauptallee and there is a route of 7km that you either run once, twice, or three times. The entire race takes place at an entirely flat area, so there is no elevation at all that you need to take into consideration.

leopold run vienna

Where can I read about other running competitions in Vienna?

We have written about the most important running competitions in Vienna in our Vienna Guide. Take a look at our events calendar to learn more about what’s going on in Vienna.

Is this area far away from the city center of Vienna?

Many people consider this to be a part of the city center of Vienna, so the answer is no. But, if you want to walk from the location of the race to the Stephansdom, then you should be prepared to walk about 3.5 km. But, if you are able to run 7, 14, or 21km, that shouldn’t cause you much trouble. If you use the metro, you can get to the city center in less than 10 minutes.


Would you like to find a hotel near the location of the competition? Look at the map above to find hotels and apartments close to the Prater area (which is quite a lot cheaper than in the city center near Stephansdom).

Can I run together with my dog?

You are not allowed to bring animals along if you participate in the Leopold Run (or other running competitions in Vienna).

Why is the race called the Leopold Run?

The run received its name from the patron Saint of Vienna and Austria named Leopold. He lived in the 12th century and played a crucial role in the governance of the Babenberg territories, contributing to the expansion and development of the region during his reign. He is remembered for his strong Christian faith and dedication to justice.

It should also be mentioned that the run takes place in the Prater area which is a part of the district named Leopoldstadt, also named after Leopold.



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