Austrian Grand Prix 2024

Would you like to be there at the Austrian Grand Prix, the annual Formula 1 race in Austria? The event is arranged at the Red Bull Ring which is located in Spielberg, in the county of Styria, in Austria. 

Spielberg is located 74km from the city of Graz (a 1-hour ride with a car), and it is located almost 200km from Vienna (a 2-hour ride with a car).

Austria Grand Prix

The Formula 1 race in Austria was first arranged in 1964. Since then it has been arranged frequently, but often with breaks of several years in between.

Would you like to be there at the Formula 1 race in 2024? You should buy your tickets as quickly as possible!

Formula 1 in Austria in 2024

Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Styria, Austria
June 27th – June 30th

Would you like to watch a Formula 1 race, but maybe not the one in Austria? If you live in Vienna, it will only take you 2 1/2 hours to travel to Budapest where you can watch the Formula 1 race at Hungaroring.

If you cannot watch any of these races, you can also watch the Formula 1 races online. The experience cannot be compared to actually watching a race on the official track, but if you cannot afford the tickets, or maybe don’t have the time to travel to Austria, that is a good second option!

Who has won the Austrian Grand Prix in the last few years?

2014 Nico Rosberg
2015 Nico Rosberg
2016 Lewis Hamilton
2017 Valtteri Bottas
2018 Max Verstappen
2019 Max Verstappen
2020 Valteri Bottas
2021 Max Verstappen
2022 Charles Leclerc
2023Max Verstappen

Where to live in Spielberg?

Are you traveling to Spielberg for the Formula 1 race? It will save you a lot of time compared to living in Vienna and going on a day-trip for the Formula 1 race. Below you can see a map of Spielberg in which you can see different hotels and apartments with a few price examples. These hotels are all helping you with a transfer to the Formula 1 track if you need help with that. Woud you rather live in a hotel in Vienna? You can read more about Vienna hotels here.

We hope you will have a wonderful time at the Austrian Grand Prix. If you want more information about Vienna and all the city has to offer, look in our Vienna Guide for help and inspiration. Here you can also read about other concerts, events, festivals, and happenings in the Austrian capital.



Jun 27 - 30 2024


Red Bull Ring
Red Bull Ring
Spielberg, Styria

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