Should I bring my kids to Familypark while in Vienna? Is it worth it? All you need to know!

Have you heard about the amusement park named Familypark? If you are standing next to Stephansdom in the center of Vienna, you are located about 70km from the popular park which is located close to the Hungarian border. Many families that come to Vienna like to visit the popular Präter-area where you can find rollercoasters and all sorts of activities. But, if you want even more and an area fully dedicated to families with family friendly activities, Familypark might be an even better place to go.

The biggest disadvantage with Familypark is the location. Even though 70km might not be a big distance, it is still a bit complicated if you come by plane to Vienna and do not have a car. It is possible to travel to Familypark using public transportation of all sorts, but it gets more complicated and removes a part of the fun. But, if you have a car or a rental-car, then it is easy to travel to Familypark in less than an hour from Vienna, so that shouldn’t give you any worries. But, is it worth it?

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Once you get to Familypark…

You can buy your tickets on the spot, but if you decide to buy them beforehand using, for example, GetYourGuide, then you have the QR-codes needed to enter the park directly on your phone (in the GetYourGuide application or in the confirmation email). As a result, you can skip all lines and just scan the QR code and enter the park immediately. That is a great advantage, especially during weekends and in the middle of the summer.

The entrance fee is approximately €34, and when it is paid, you can use 98% of all activities on the inside without limitation and without paying anything more. That is extremely convenient, and you don’t have to worry if your kids want to use the same roller coaster 10 times in a row, because it will not cost you a penny more.

There are a few activities on the inside that costs a little bit, but those are just “stupid” and lame activities, which you can easily walk by and you will not feel like you are missing something. In other words, all the main activities are included in the entrance fee, so you will have plenty of things to try once you are on the inside.

rollercoaster in familypark
One of the rollercoasters in Familypark (Source: Familypark website)

Familypark is a park for families!

If you go to Präter in Vienna, you will find quite a lot of activities solely for adults, as they are very scary and require a certain size. There are requirements for size also in Familypark, but the general requirement is that kids under 105cm can only use some activities, kids above 105cm must travel with an adult (and then all activities with the exception of one is available), and above 130cm you do not even need an adult by your side. In other words, it is incredibly family friendly and meaning that it is possible for the entire family to have fun together on most of the rides (unless you have very small kids joining).

With the focus on the families, you will not find the incredibly adrenaline boosters in the park, but it doesn’t get boring. One of the newest attractions is “Leonardo’s Flying Machine” and if you want an additional boost start waving with the wings of the flying machine. Not only will you go up and down, but you will also go around and around, making you quite dizzy by the time the ride comes to an end.

Leonardo's Flying Machine
Leonardo’s Flying Machine (Source: Familypark website).

All in all, Familypark is a great place for families, especially if for families with kids between 4 and 18 years. It is fun for those older as well, but I believe it is especially ideal for people in this age group. Of course, parents also have a good time in the park.

There are some activities that will make you wet, so unless the sun is shining and it is very warm, you should either bring some additional clothes that you can put on after those activities, or just skip them.

There are lots of restaurants inside the park where you can eat hamburgers, pizza, french fries, wiener schnitzels, and much more. There are also playgrounds for kids, and if they would like to eat an ice cream, that is also possible.

We can warmly recommend Familypark!

What else is there to say? If you have the time, the chance, and the money, Familypark is a great place to visit. The entrance fee of €34 isn’t bad considering that you can enjoy activities without stop for about 8 hours (since the park is normally open from 10.00 until 18.00). If you go to Präter in Vienna, you will have spent the same amount of money in less than an hour using 4-5 different activities.

Do I need to buy tickets in advance?

You don’t necessarily need to buy tickets in advance, but you don’t lose anything buying in advance. If you don’t know for sure if you will go or what the weather will be like, then you should wait until the last minute, or maybe just buy upon arrival. But, if you know 100% for sure that you want to visit Familypark, then having the tickets in advance will save you time upon arrival… and that is useful, especially as your kids get excited and want to try all the roller coasters and other activities as quickly as possible.

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Have you been to Familypark? How did you like the park? Do you have any comments or questions? You can use the comment field to share thoughts, ask questions, and write whatever is on your heart!

Getting to the Familypark from Vienna

I have just read the following article about the Familypark in Vienna and would love to pay it a visit. How can I easily get to the Familypark from Vienna?

That is a brilliant question and a question that many people ask themselves. Luckily, it is quite easy to get to the Familypark from Vienna. In the article, the author decides to rent a car and travel to the Familypark on his own. That is for sure the easiest way to visit the park, and the ride should take between 60-75 minutes, depending on where you are staying in Vienna.

The exact address and coordinates of the park are:

Märchenparkweg 1
7062 St. Margarethen
GPS-Data: 47° 48′ 6.785” N ,16° 38′ 51.078” E

How to get to the Familypark from Vienna
How to get to the Familypark from Vienna – Source

How to get to the Familypark with public transportation?

But, most people reading this and asking the same question probably wants to get there without renting a car.

To get to the Familypark, get to Vienna Hauptbahnhof first (you can easily get there using the metro system in Vienna). There you will have to find bus 200 and travel to Eisenstadt/Domplatz. When you get there you have to change to bus 285 which will travel to the Familypark during the opening times of the park.  There is a dedicated bus stop outside the park.

The bus ride from Vienna to Eisenstadt normally takes around 1 hour an 20 min.

We hope these answers will help you out. If you have further comments or questions, use the comment field beneath.