Wi-Fi hotspots in Vienna

Are you coming to Vienna and need to access your email and surf the Internet? Worried if you will find a free Wi-Fi hotspot or not? We have the information you need!

There are plenty of Wi-Fi hotspots in Vienna, so you will for sure have no problem actually finding them. Here are a few advises that will help you out, and make sure to read our advises related to security issues as well!

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Finding a Wi-Fi hotspot in Vienna

  • When you book your hotel or apartment check out whether it has WiFi available or not, and whether or not it is included in your price. Most hotels include WiFi in the price, and if that is so then you have no need to worry.
  • If you need to surf the Internet or write an email, why not eat your lunch or have a cup of coffee in a place with WiFi available? This is getting more and more common, but check if they have a WiFi logo on the door or ask the waiter upon arrival.
  • In these days you can even access WiFi hotspots while traveling on public transportation (on some buses, tram lines and so).
  • Quite a lot of the big shopping complexes offer free WiFi while shopping around. Some require registration (free), while others can be used at once without any registration.

Some security measures when using WiFi hotspots in Vienna and elsewhere

  • Watch out for evil twin networks. Those look like harmless networks, but they are there to steal your confidential data. You can read more about evil twin networks here.
  • You should be careful about using WiFi networks without encryption (using no password protection). Hackers can easily steal your data and information as you use those. Choose secure networks only. If your hotel only has open WiFi without encryption, you should consider using a VPN to secure your online activity.

Some hotels with free WiFi hotspots in Vienna

Are you not satisfied with the article so far? Would you desperately want to know some exact examples of hotels that will guarantee you free surfing while in Vienna? Well, let us get into the mud and give you some real examples!

One of the most central hotels in Vienna is Hotel Am Stephansplatz. This is in the very heart of the city, and if you decide to stay there during your trip to Vienna you can also enjoy their free Wifi.

Hotel Rathaus Wein and Design is another hotel in Vienna with beautiful interior and exterior, and with free WiFi. It isn’t as centrally located as Hotel Am Stephansplatz, but if you want to live close to the most famous Christmas market in Vienna, then this is a brilliant hotel.

Sofitel Hotel Stephansdom is a five star hotel in the heart of the city. This is even more exclusive than Hotel Am Stephansplatz, and you can enjoy a view to the most famous landmark of Vienna from the windows.

If you come to Vienna to enjoy a concert in Stadthalle, then Boutique Hotel Stadthalle might be the perfect hotel for you. It is close to the concert venue, and you can immediately go back to your hotel and upload YouTube videos, pictures and other content from the concert to your social profiles using the free WiFi available in the hotel!

We can not guarantee that these hotels will have free WiFi forever, but based on their current policies they should have it. Make sure to check it out upon booking anyway!

Happy surfing in Vienna

With some preparation you will live in a hotel with WiFi in Vienna, and you can have all your lunches and drink all your cups of coffee in coffee-bars with WiFi in Vienna. If you are reading this article from such a place, write a comment to say hello, and maybe tell us where you are. Maybe more of our readers wants to go where you are to use the WiFi connection available as well!