A stay at the Marriott Hotel in Vienna

Marriott Vienna

Are you considering a stay at the Marriott Hotel in Vienna? Here are some stuff worth knowing before you make your booking!

Marriott Vienna

The Marriott Hotel in Vienna is located next to the Stadtpark, a beautiful area for a nice stroll and also an area with a nice playground area for kids. The most famous restaurant in Vienna might be “Steirereck im Stadtpark“, a two-starred Michelin restaurant. This is also located a few hundred meters from the Marriott Hotel entrance, making it very easy to visit the restaurant during your stay at Marriott.

So yes, Marriott is a five-star hotel in Vienna, but it is worth knowing that the standard is different from some of the other five star hotels. As you walk from Marriott towards the Opera-house you will pass by Grand Hotel Vienna and Hotel Imperial. You do not need to look hard to understand that those hotels are more elegant and luxurious than the Marriott hotel. So, if gold and glory are important to you, then the Marriott hotel might feel a bit old (on the outside).


But, the Marriott hotel gives you whatever a normal five-star hotel should. The staff is nice and polite, the rooms are spacious, and unfortunately, you will have to pay for the Wi-Fi (in most situations). This is worth knowing about, and if you ask in the reception, they might give you information on how to get free access to the Internet, but in general, this is a service you will have to pay around 13-14 Euro for (per day).

The breakfast in the Marriott hotel is delicious. The price is 35 Euro per day per person (if it isn’t included already in the price). Here you can sit in a nice environment and enjoy a glass of champagne while eating the omelet prepared for you by staff upon request from you. Yes, they are preparing it for you (in front of your eyes), and you even get to say what sort of ingredients you want to add to the omelet (mushrooms, bacon, onion, cheese, tomatoes, peppers etc.)

If you want to walk from the Marriott hotel to the Stephansdom, it can easily be done. You don’t need to walk more than 5-10 minutes, and you will find yourself in the Kärtner Strasse (one of the famous shopping streets in Vienna), and this leads you to the Stephansdom.

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