Why Vienna has the nicest Christmas markets in Europe!


We have been traveling around Europe to visit the beautiful Christmas markets here and there. Know what? If you want to visit the nicest city in Europe before Christmas, come to Vienna!

There are lots of cities in Europe with beautiful Christmas markets. Lots of people praise the markets in Prague and the markets in Budapest. Why do we have the courage and baldness to say that Vienna is the best city in Europe before Christmas? Are the Christmas markets in Vienna better than the Christmas markets in the mentioned and other cities in Europe?

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The difference between Vienna and the other cities

If you visit a city like Krakow before Christmas you will for sure be able to enjoy the fantastic Christmas market at the Main Market Square. As you visit Budapest you can go to the Vorosmarty square or in Prague you have the markets at the Wenceslas square and at the Old Town Square. In Vienna it is completely different. The city has some very famous and magnificent Christmas markets, but we dare to say the difference is as follows:

“In other cities you visit a Christmas market. In Vienna the entire city is a Christmas market.”

If you go for a walk in the city center of Vienna you will of course see the magnificent Christmas market in front of the City Hall. This is the most famous Christmas market in town. But, as you walk towards the St. Stephens Cathedral you will most likely meet several other markets as well. At some locations you will just see a stand where you can buy hot wine, while you at other locations will see lots of stands creating their very own little Christmas market. And yes, Vienna is packed with such markets and stands everywhere. And what makes it even better is that all stands are packed with people out there enjoying life and drinking some hot wine, especially during the weekends.

The fact that the streets are illuminated and that the Christmas markets all have special lights on during the evening makes everything even more fantastic. Again the Christmas market by the City Hall is the most beautiful of them all, but all the other markets are fantastic as well!

Vienna has some very special Christmas markets

As mentioned earlier Vienna is like a living Christmas market. You will find lots of smaller and bigger markets around, but you most not forget that Vienna has even more to offer. The so-called Christmas market by Spittelberg is one of the pearls you definitely have to experience. As someone who likes shopping you will of course visit the Mariahilferstrasse while in Vienna. Just by the metro stop Neubaugasse you will find a church and the Stiftgasse is located next to it. Enter into this street, pass by the parking house and you will soon understand that you are in Christmas wonderland. There are lots of streets next to one another packed with stands, small stores and it is one of the most amazing Christmas markets in Europe. And yes, it has an amazing atmosphere.

What are you waiting for? Jump on the plane and come to Vienna! The city has the most amazing Christmas markets, and the city in itself is like a giant Christmas market throughout December! If you haven’t seen it yet, hurry up! If you have been there once, you for sure understand what we are talking about!

Happy Christmas!

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