Where can I watch Eurovision 2015 recording online?

Watch Eurovision 2015 recording online

I really enjoyed the Eurovision 2015 which was arranged in Stadthalle in Vienna and would love to watch Eurovision 2015 recording online. Is that possible? Where can I watch it online?

It really was a great competition and with some fantastic songs that were played. Congratulations to Sweden on the victory and if fact we can already now look forward to the final in Sweden which will be arranged in a couple of months from now.

Watch Eurovision 2015 recording online
Watch Eurovision 2015 recording online

If you however would like to watch the full final from Vienna in 2015 then you can do so online easily, because the entire Eurovision 2015 final is available on several websites.

You can for example watch it on YouTube at the following page. There you will also watch it with International Sign Language something that might be a bit disturbing, but at least it is possible to watch it. You can start watching it right now, right here:

If you want to watch it in some other way then you can also watch it on the official Eurovision website, but you will probably need to install some extra plugin to your browser. Full recording can be seen here.

If you are not satisfied with this version either then you can also watch it online on the website of the Norwegian TV channel NRK. The full final can be found here. Notice that there is a little minus to this because you will need a Norwegian IP address for this to work, so if you want to watch NRK from abroad then you should press one of the links for more information.

Enjoy watching the songs and hope you will enjoy the song. Do you also agree that the Swedish song was the best?



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