The best 3 star hotels in Vienna

Vienna is the capital and also the largest city of Austria. Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in whole Europe and every year thousands of people are visiting the city from all over the world.

The city has countless programs, activities such as festivals and concerts and in Vienna you can find various restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs as well. One of the most important things during a holiday is to find the perfect place to stay, fortunately Vienna has several opportunities for this as well. So in this article we will list the best 3 star hotels in the city.

Which are the best five star hotels in Vienna?

Hotel Kugel (Siebensterngasse 43, 1070 Vienna, Austria)

The first 3 star hotel from our list is the Hotel Kugel. The Hotel Kugel is located in the heart of Vienna close to the nicest attractions in the city. The hotel has 25 rooms and each of the rooms have unique and a lovely style. In the hotel you can choose from a wide selection of the most delicious breakfasts.

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Hotel Kugel

The Austria Classic Hotel Wien (Praterstraße 72, 1020 Vienna, Austria)

The Austria Classic Hotel Wien is the second from our list. The hotel is located in the heart of the city near to the metro and the train station which makes it really easy to get everywhere in the city and to the airport as well. The rooms in the hotel are really clean and comfortable and all of them has a unique style. The breakfast in the hotel is delicious and there are various breakfast choices.

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Austria Hotel Classic

Hotel Zipser (Lange Gasse 49, 1080 Vienna, Austria)

Hotel Zipser is also a 3 star hotel in Vienna. Hotel Zipser is located in the centre of the city nearby to the Rathaus and the metro as well. There are several restaurants and shops around the corner as well. The hotel has free WiFi connection and breakfast for every visitor. The rooms are confortable and nice and the staff and the service is friendly.

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Hotel Zipser

Hotel Viktoria (Eduard-Klein-Gasse 9, 1130 Vienna, Austria)

The Hotel Viktoria is located also in the centre of the city nearby all the famous attractions in the city. It is also a three star hotel in Vienna and the hotel is really close to the famous Schönbrunn Palace. There are free WiFi access in the whole hotel for all the visitors and the hotel has 29 stylish rooms. The breakfast at the hotel is delicious.

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Hotel Viktoria Wien
Hotel Viktoria Wien

Vienna hotel recommendations 2013

The majestic city of Vienna is waiting for you and even though the city is a quite expensive one, you can still find beautiful hotels with great and central locations with quite nice prices available. We have been looking around for such hotels and we have some recommendations for you.

The three hotels we will feature here all have central locations, meaning that you live in central Vienna and can reach the main shopping areas and famous sights within a few minutes of walking. Check them out and make sure to book your hotel room before it is to late and there are no more free rooms left.

Recommended hotels in Vienna
Flemings Deluxe Hotel (*****)
Hotel Kummer (****)
Hotel Zipser (***)

Vienna hotell

Great Vienna hotels now!

Many people come to Vienna in the autumn to see the beauties hidden and revealed in the Austrian capital. As you walk around you can see some hidden treasures just looking up towards the sky, looking at the buildings and seeing things the locals never even notice. You can of course visit the revealed attractions, easy to find for everyone, such as Schönbrunn, Hofburg and similar places. There are also great activities waiting for you in Vienna, and the city has some really great and luxurious hotels, so if you have the money, you will for sure enjoy one of many five star hotels in town.

It is very important to find a good hotel when you come to Vienna, because if not, you may use much more time on public transportation than you would like to. Here you can find some Vienna hotels which have good prices at the moment, and they also have central locations. If they do not have central locations, they are at least near a local metro which will take you to the city centre within minutes anyway!

Great Vienna hotels now!

Hotel Ambassador (*****)
Hotel de France Wien (*****)
Bella Vienna (****) (a bit uncentral)
Leonardo Hotel Vienna (****) – not very central, but with good public transportation, cheap!
Adagio Wien Centrum (***)

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Good hotels in Vienna now

Good hotels in Vienna now
Good hotels in Vienna now

If you are looking for nice an central hotels in Vienna now with good prices and high quality, we have some recommendations for you in different categories. If you click the links you will be forwarded to where you can check prices and make your hotel booking.

Five stars
Hotel de France
Le Meridien

Four stars
Hotel Kaiserin Elisabeth
Hotel Kummer

Three stars
Hotel Zur Wiener Statsopeer
Hotel am Augarten

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Recommended Vienna hotels in March

Vienna is a great city to visit in March. The sun is shining (mostly) and you can experience temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius. In addition you can find many nice hotels with great prices. Below you can find a list presenting quite some hotels with great prices and central locations in March.

Recommended Vienna hotels in March

Hotel Schweizerhof
Suite Novotel

Hotel Astoria
Imperial Riding School

Radisson BLU Palais
Deluxe Hotel Wien

Not all rooms contain breakfast. Some hotels are not in the middle of the centre of Vienna, but using public transportation you can easily reach the citycenter.

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