Vienna Christmas Markets in 2019

When are the Christmas markets opening in Vienna in 2019? What are the dates for the Christmas markets? Find answers to the most popular Vienna Christmas market questions and get other useful information needed to be well prepared!

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it becomes even more beautiful before Christmas. It has the most amazing Christmas markets in the world, and the biggest secret is that the entire city kind-of turns into a Christmas market. But, when will the Christmas markets be arranged in Vienna in 2019?

Merry Christmas Vienna
The Christmas markets in Vienna – S. Borisov / Shutterstock

About the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2019

The dates for the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2019 are now ready and official. Read on, and plan your trip to Vienna immediately.

If you have some time left, why not consider a day trip to Prague in which you can enjoy the Christmas markets in the Czech capital as well? You can read more about those Christmas markets here.

Vienna Christmas markets 2019 dates

The Christmas market at Rathausplatz (the most famous market)

November 15th – December 24th

The Spittelberg market (an awesome market in small streets)

November 14th – December 23rd

The Schönbrunn Christmas market dates in 2019

This is supposed to open on November 23rd and it will remain open until December 26th. Then it will be replaced by the so-called New Years’ market which is open until the first week of January 2020.

These are the most important Christmas markets in Vienna, but do not forget – there are lots of other markets as well. As you walk to the Maria-Theresien Platz (between the two awesome museums) you will find another Christmas market. If you keep on walking towards the Karlskirche, you will find another market. In the popular Prater area, you will discover yet another Christmas market, in fact, you will find small and large Christmas markets almost wherever you go in Vienna.

What are you waiting for? Plan your stay in Vienna, book your flight tickets and book your hotel straight away!

Vienna Night Run 2018

Do you want to discover the beauties of Vienna while running? Join in on the Vienna Night Run as it is arranged on September 25th in 2018!

There are running competitions and marathons arranged in most big cities in Europe every year. But, if you don’t feel like running a marathon (as it is too long), or you would rather run when it is dark outside, then the Vienna Night Run might be exactly what you are dreaming about! It is arranged annually in Vienna, and it is one of the best running competitions there is.

Vienna Night RUn 2018
Join the Vienna Night Run on September 25th in 2018 – Source

Vienna Night Run is arranged by Erste Bank, and it will be arranged on September 25th in 2018. The first run will start at 19.50 (for those who can and will run 5km in less than 25 minutes). Those who believe they will run slower can join in on a later start time, and at 21.00 it is time for those who want to do the race in nordic-walking style to give it a try. Everyone needs to reach the finish line by 22.30, as that is when the streets will be used for normal traffic again.

Vienna Night Run will start from  Universitätsring/Ecke Grillparzerstraße. The route will be along the ring, and it will let you see some of the most beautiful areas of Vienna as you run.

The route of the Vienna Night Run

The full route is Universitätsring – Schottenring – Franz–Josefs-Kai – Stubenring – Parkring – Schubertring – Kärntner Ring – Opern Ring – Burgring – Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring.

Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic route for an evening run on September 25th? I feel tempted to join myself, but I cannot promise anything. If you sign up at the very moment, the price is approximately 30 Euro to take part. More information about the race (in German) and a sign-up site can be found here.

The winner in 2017 ran the 5km track on 15:39 minutes, giving him an average pace of 3:08/km. Can you beat that? Join in this year to find out!

Want to know more about other events taking place in Vienna? Check out our Vienna events calendar.

Watch the Winter Olympics in Austria at ORF – also from abroad

orf winter olympicsThe Winter Olympics has started, and in Austria, ORF will broadcast the event. Are you an Austrian who want to stream the Winter Olympics on ORF outside Austria? Or are you a tourist in Austria who want to watch the Winter Olympics on a TV in your hotel room?

We have been waiting for the Winter Olympics for four long years, but finally the time is here. We are not that much of a Summer Olympics nation, but Austria is far better in winter sports. For that reason, we have been waiting for the Pyeongchang Olympics to start.

Now the Winter Games are here, and in Austria, the event is broadcasted by ORF. You can see a full list of Winter Olympics broadcasters and information on how to stream the Winter Olympics online in the linked article.

If you want to watch the Winter Olympics in your hotel room, just turn on your TV. ORF is the state channel in Austria, and you will for sure be able to watch the most interesting competitions on their TV channels. But, since there will be a lot of stuff happening during the Winter Olympics, you might not be able to watch exactly the competition you are interested in on the TV in your hotel room. You will need to go online!

Watch the Winter Games on ORF online

To watch the Winter Olympics on ORF, visit the ORF website. There you will see all the programs available on demand and live, and you simply select the content you are interested in. If you live outside Austria an Austrian IP address is required, and you can read more on how to get one at

We hope and cheer for lots of Austrian medals during the Winter Olympics. Even though you come from somewhere else in the world, please cheer for the Austrians as well, we sure need it!


Christmas markets in Vienna 2017 dates

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and before Christmas it might be the most beautiful of them all. Find out when to visit Vienna before Christmas to discover the beautiful Christmas markets.

Lots of cities in Europe have beautiful Christmas markets, but there is something special about Vienna. It isn’t just a city with a Christmas market, but the inner city feels like a giant Christmas market in itself. People drink hot wine on every street corner, there are minor markets everywhere, and then at some special locations you can also enjoy giant Christmas markets.

Christmas market in Vienna
A picture from the Christmas market at Karlsplatz in Vienna – By trabantos / Shutterstock

Vienna Christmas market dates

You are probably wondering when this years Christmas markets in Vienna will open and close. The most popular Christmas market in front of the City Hall (Rathaus) will open on November 18th and stay open until December 26th (some booths until December 30th). We originally guessed that this market would open one week earlier, but seems like they delayed the opening of this years Christmas market with one week (compared to last year). If you arrive one week earlier, maybe you should visit the Christmas markets in Budapest which will open on November 10th instead?

The Christmas market by Schönbrunn will open on November 18th as well and stay open until December 26th. But, from December 27th it will be re-opened, but then as a New Years market which will remain open until January 1st.

There will be several other Christmas markets in Vienna, but these are the most important and famous markets. We wish you a fantastic Christmas celebration.

If you want to discover the beautiful Christmas markets in Prague as well, read more about the Christmas markets in Prague right here.

World Cup 2018 qualification: Austria vs Wales

On the 6th of October it is time for the Euro 2016 stars from Wales to play against the Euro 2016 failure Austria in Vienna. Can Austria keep up the good work from their first World Cup 2018 qualification match against Georgia?

There is little doubt about the fact that Austria’s performance in Euro 2016 was a big disappointment to most people. They came with great expectations on their shoulders, but it was all destroyed in the first match loosing 2-1 against their eastern neighbors Hungary. Now Austria is back out there again to qualify themselves for the World Cup 2018 in Russia, but it want be easy. In October they have two tough matches coming up. First they are to play against Wales in Vienna on September 6th and then three days later against Serbia in Serbia.

Can Austria stop Gareth Bale on October 6th in Vienna?
Can Austria stop Gareth Bale on October 6th in Vienna?

Austria vs Wales on October 6th

If Austria impressed in their match against Georgia in September, then Wales impressed even more as they won 4-0 against Moldova. That is of course an opponent they should beat easily, but 4-0 is still a great result in European football today. The question is whether Austria can play disciplined football and stop the great players from Wales like Gareth Bale and Samuel Vokes?

Austria has some great players themselves, but when it really counts they are not always able to perform well together. In this match against Wales they can take a giant step towards a great start on the World Cup qualification, at least if they manage to win.

Watch Austria vs Wales

You can watch the match in Vienna on the stadium, but if you only want to watch it at home then it will most likely be broadcasted on ORF in Austria. This is a free channel for everyone, so watch the match there if you are in Austria. If you are located outside Austria then you can read more about watching ORF from abroad in this article.

There are also lots of great places in Vienna where you can watch the match on big screens. There are sports pubs here and there and lots of restaurants also have large LCD screens available. Enjoy the match, and if you have time left do not forget to visit Schonbrunn, Hofburg and the rest of the famous attractions in Vienna.


Christmas markets in Vienna in 2016

The dates are official. You can order your flight tickets right away and book a hotel, because these are the dates for the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2016.

There are few people who disagree about the fact that the Christmas markets in Vienna are among the nicest in all of Europe and in the entire world. The main Christmas market which is located in front of the City Hall (Rathaus) is the most popular and famous, and it looks fantastic, especially in the evenings.

Merry Christmas from Vienna
Merry Christmas from Vienna

There are of course lots of other markets as well in Vienna, and the second most famous Christmas market in Vienna is located by the Schonbrunn Castle. This is also followed up by a new years market in case you only arrive to Vienna after Christmas.

One of the most special Christmas markets in Vienna is the one at Spittelberg. This is not a traditional big square market, but this is lots of small streets with stands and shops giving you a fantastic Christmas market feeling. This is one you should absolutely visit if you come to Vienna for Christmas.

Dates for the Christmas markets in Vienna

  • Rathausplatz: November 11th – December 26th
  • Schönbrunn: November 19th – December 26th (followed by new Years Market)
  • Belvedere: November 18th – December 23rd
  • Spittelberg: November 12th – December 23rd

For more information about the Christmas markets in Vienna, click the link.

For more information about the annual Christmas markets in Budapest, visit

We wish you a pleasant stay in Vienna and a Merry Christmas!

Wiener Wiesn-Fest – Traditions and beer!

From September 22nd till October 9th it is time for the sixth Wiener Wiesn-Fest to be arranged in Vienna. The location of the festival is in the Prater area, and this is the number one place to visit if you come to Vienna in this period.

The festival is available every single day in this period and it opens at 11.30 and lasts until 01.00 (except for Sundays when it ends at 20.00). It is free entrance to the entire area every day before 18.00, but from 18.30 there will be big concerts in the party tents and then there is an entrance fee for all the fun.

Wiener Wiesn Fest

What makes this a cool festival is that lots of people dress up for it, meaning that you will see lots of people dressed in authentic and traditional Austrian costumes. All the different Austrian regions get their chance to show costumes, but also play their traditional music as different brass bands play their tunes.

Have fun as you visit the Wiener Wiesn-Fest in Vienna!

Wiener Wiesn-Fest
September 22nd – October 9th

We hope you will have a fantastic time in Vienna, and if you want to know more about the different attractions in Vienna or maybe book a nice hotel, look around in our Vienna Guide for more information.

Want to watch Euro 2016 in Vienna? These are the hottest places!

Austria has qualified to a European Championship for the first time. Would you like to watch the matches while in Vienna and maybe cheer for Austria or for Germany?

Austria has been playing in a European Championship before, but that was only because they were organizing the event. This time they have actually managed to qualify for the event all by themselves and now Austrians have great expectations to their national team and hope that they will surprise the critics and get far in the tournament. But, where should you watch the Euro 2016 matches while in Vienna? These are the hottest places!

Best places to watch Euro 2016 in Vienna
Best places to watch Euro 2016 in Vienna – In front of the Rathaus!

Best places to watch Euro 2016 in Vienna

The number one place to watch Euro 2016 in Vienna is without a doubt in front of the Rathaus at Rathausplatz in Vienna. This will be a fantastic place with a giant screen and visitors will be able to buy drinks and food from 26 restaurateurs at the spot. A full program can be found here.

If you want to avoid the giant crowds by the Rathausplatz, then these are places you could consider as you want to watch Euro 2016:

Flex: Donaukanal – Augartenbrücke
Summer Stage: Donaukanal, U4 Rossauer Lände
Pratersauna: Waldsteingartenstraße 135
Chelsea: Lerchenfelder Gürtel, Stadtbahnbögen 29-30
Seestadt: Ostbahn-Begleitstraße 50 / Aspern Nord

If you would rather watch the event on television or online then it is useful to know that ORF will broadcast Euro 2016 in Austria and you can watch this channel easily in your hotel room at no additional cost. In Germany it is a mixture of ARD and ZDF that will broadcast Euro 2016.

You can also watch all Euro 2016 matches online on either Austrian, German or English TV. You can read more about watching Euro 2016 online at ARD and ZDF here or you can get a full schedule of all Euro 2016 matches and more information about the event at

When will Austria play during Euro 2016?

If you want to watch the matches in which Austria will play during Euro 2016 in Vienna, then here you can find the times at which the Austria team will play. We hope they will play fantastic football and qualify for the knockout stage as well, but it won’t be easy as they are in a group with Hungary, Iceland and Portugal. They will open against their eastern neighbors from Hungary, then comes Portugal and in their last group stage match they will play against Iceland. A full Euro 2016 schedule can be found here.

  • June 14th, 18.00 – against Hungary
  • June 18th, 21.00 – against Portugal
  • June 22nd, 18.00 – against Iceland

What else to do in Vienna?

If you are looking for other activities to enjoy while in Vienna then we will for sure recommend a visit to Schonbrunn, maybe a trip on the river Danube and if you have the time then a day excursion to Bratislava is a good idea for a nice program. If you are more into arts then there are beautiful museums in Vienna, for example the Museum of Fine Arts.

Easter Market in Vienna 2017

Are you ready for the Easter Market in Vienna 2017? Looking for the Easter market dates for 2017? Read on for info about the Schönbrunn Easter Market 2017.

The annual Schönbrunn Easter Market in 2017 will be arranged for the 15th time and the dates are set to be April 1st till April 17th. Those are the dates and the time period in which you should come to Vienna in 2017 if you want to see beautiful eggs, let your children partake in cool workshops and if you want to do some nice shopping in something quite similar to the annual Christmas markets in Vienna, but still with a feeling of spring and Easter to it.

SChonnbrunn Easter Market 2017

Easter Market in Vienna 2017

Schönbrunn Easter Market: April 1st – April 17th

If you like Easter markets then you will also find similar, but bigger Easter markets in Prague. If you decide to travel after Easter then you could consider Budapest instead, because there the market opens just around Easter and remains open for about one month after Easter, making it a perfect Spring fair.

Have fun and enjoy your trip to Vienna. If you have comments or questions, just write them down!


Austria – Moldova

This upcoming Saturday, starting at 20.45, it is time for a new Euro 2016 qualification match. This time Austria will play against Moldova, a team they beat 2-1 on October 9th in 2014 at the Stadionul Zimbru in Chisinau.

The odds are high for anything else than a victory for Austria in this match, so we are quite sure that this match will have a good end for Austria, but nowadays no opponent can be called an easy one in Europe, so hopefully the Austrian guys will not underestimate their opponent.

The match will be played at the Ernst Happel Stadium, located very near Prater, so if you are in Vienna and would like to watch the match live, then you better try to get hold of some tickets and check out this match at the impressive stadium in the center of Vienna.

If you have no chance to see the match at the stadium, then why not watch it live on a sports pub somewhere in Vienna? Read the linked article to read more about great sports bars and pubs in Vienna. If you do not have the chance to do so either, then you can watch the match on a TV in your hotel room, and it might be useful to know that the TV channel ORF will broadcast the match. If you want to know more about how you can watch the match online, read the following article in the IP Guide (useful if you are located outside Austria but still want to see the match at ORF).