Watch the Winter Olympics in Austria at ORF – also from abroad

orf winter olympicsThe Winter Olympics has started, and in Austria, ORF will broadcast the event. Are you an Austrian who want to stream the Winter Olympics on ORF outside Austria? Or are you a tourist in Austria who want to watch the Winter Olympics on a TV in your hotel room?

We have been waiting for the Winter Olympics for four long years, but finally the time is here. We are not that much of a Summer Olympics nation, but Austria is far better in winter sports. For that reason, we have been waiting for the Pyeongchang Olympics to start.

Now the Winter Games are here, and in Austria, the event is broadcasted by ORF. You can see a full list of Winter Olympics broadcasters and information on how to stream the Winter Olympics online in the linked article.

If you want to watch the Winter Olympics in your hotel room, just turn on your TV. ORF is the state channel in Austria, and you will for sure be able to watch the most interesting competitions on their TV channels. But, since there will be a lot of stuff happening during the Winter Olympics, you might not be able to watch exactly the competition you are interested in on the TV in your hotel room. You will need to go online!

Watch the Winter Games on ORF online

To watch the Winter Olympics on ORF, visit the ORF website. There you will see all the programs available on demand and live, and you simply select the content you are interested in. If you live outside Austria an Austrian IP address is required, and you can read more on how to get one at

We hope and cheer for lots of Austrian medals during the Winter Olympics. Even though you come from somewhere else in the world, please cheer for the Austrians as well, we sure need it!


Where can I watch the opening ceremony online in German?

I am living in Amsterdam at the moment, but I would like to watch the opening ceremony in Sochi live online, with German/Austrian commentators. How can that be done? What Austrian channels will broadcast from the Olympics?

We had a very similar question not long ago, but this is still a bit different because you focus on the opening ceremony. What is for sure, is that ATV has the rights in Austria to broadcast from the opening ceremony (and the final ceremony). The rest of the events during the Olympics will be broadcasted by ORF, and hopefully everything will be available online.

Since you are located in Amsterdam you will need to trick the system a bit, meaning that you need an Austrian IP address to watch the event live on Find more out about how to do this at one of the following sites.

These links will for sure help you to find out exactly how to watch the opening ceremony and other events from the Winter Olympics live online. Good luck and enjoy!

Winter Olympics in Vienna

Are you coming to Vienna between February 7th and 23rd? Would you like to see the Winter Olympics while in Vienna somewhere on the Internet? There are several ways of doing so.

First of all, the Channel ORF and ATV have the rights to broadcast from the Winter Olympics in Austria. The easiest way to watch is therefore simply to turn on the TV in your hotel room and watch one of the channels. We can of course not tell you exactly what events will be broadcasted by the different channels, but you will for sure be able to watch your favorite events watching one of the mentioned channels.

Nowadays several channels also broadcast online, and both ATV and ORF have quite a lot of online content available for viewers all across the world. So, if you really want to watch the Winter Olympics online while in Vienna, I guess one of the best options is to visit or to do so there. If you should bump into problems, meaning that you get error messages telling you that the stream is not available in your region, visit the following site for instructions on how to bypass those.

Hope these instructions will help you and enjoy watching the Winter Olympics while in Vienna!