Where can I watch the opening ceremony online in German?

I am living in Amsterdam at the moment, but I would like to watch the opening ceremony in Sochi live online, with German/Austrian commentators. How can that be done? What Austrian channels will broadcast from the Olympics?

We had a very similar question not long ago, but this is still a bit different because you focus on the opening ceremony. What is for sure, is that ATV has the rights in Austria to broadcast from the opening ceremony (and the final ceremony). The rest of the events during the Olympics will be broadcasted by ORF, and hopefully everything will be available online.

Since you are located in Amsterdam you will need to trick the system a bit, meaning that you need an Austrian IP address to watch the event live on ATV.at. Find more out about how to do this at one of the following sites.

These links will for sure help you to find out exactly how to watch the opening ceremony and other events from the Winter Olympics live online. Good luck and enjoy!

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