Coldplay Vienna 2024

Have you ever heard of people who had a date, and then did it once again due to the success of the first date? Then they met for a third time, which even turned into a fourth date. Coldplay isn’t coming to many cities in Europe during their world tour in 2024, but Vienna is one of the few cities lucky enough to be visited by the band. But, what started out as three concerts was quickly extended to a fourth night due to the popularity and demand for tickets. In other words, you have four evenings in August 2024 where Coldplay will perform at the magnificent Ernst-Happel Stadium in Vienna.

The first Coldplay concert is arranged on August 21st in 2024. Ernst-Happel Stadium is a venue often used for football matches but has en even greater atmosphere during concerts. If you want to get to the stadium, travel by metro to Praterstern and walk from there. You can even travel by the mini-train in Präter to get to the arena. As a result, traveling to Ernst-Happel Stadium using public transportation in Vienna is a very easy task.

Would you like to live in a hotel or apartment near the stadium? Below you can find a map presenting accommodation possibilities and price examples in the vicinity of the stadium.

Now that you know more about the concert, the concert dates, the venue, and also where to live nearby, let us sum it all up!

Coldplay Vienna 2024

Dates: August 21-25
Venue: Ernst-Happel Stadium

Tickets for the Coldplay concerts in Vienna.

All tickets have been sold, but it is still possible to buy second-hand tickets for the Coldplay concerts in Vienna at Viagogo. Visit the site and you can find tickets for the different Coldplay concerts and other events at the biggest second-hand ticket page online.

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Robbie Williams concert in Vienna 2017

Robbie Williams concert Vienna 2017Robbie Williams will be shouting and singing at the Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna on August 26th in 2017. Would you like to be there to sing along with him?

As Robbie Williams arrive to Vienna from Budapest on August 26th he is almost finished with his concert tour in 2017. He has by then visited beautiful cities all across Europe, but many will say that his London concert and his Prague concert might be among the highlights on his tour which is called the “Heavy Entertainment Tour.”

After the Robbie Williams concert in Vienna this British gentleman will travel to Klagenfurt, to Zurich, to St Petersburg and to Moscow. Once he is finished in the Russian capital his tour will be over, and it is time to take a break at home in England again.

If you want to be there at the Robbie Williams concert in Vienna, then you just buy your tickets using the Viagogo link further down.

Robbie Williams concert in Vienna 2017

Ernst Happel Stadium
August 26th, 18.00

Tickets: Viagogo

The Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna is a magnificent stadium with space for more than 60,000 people. It is located quite centrally in Vienna, meaning that you can just travel to Prater and from there you can either walk, or jump on this small “train” that takes you around in the park. This is a very nice ride, so a cool thing to do to get to the Ernst Happel Stadium. This is also the stadium used by Austria to play their football matches as the national team tries to qualify for the World Cup 2018.

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Guns N Roses concert in Vienna

There will be lots of Guns N Roses concerts all across Europe in 2017. The band will perform in London, Paris, Prague, Lisbon, Stockholm, Copenhagen and lots of other cities. But, on July 10th the only important city in Europe for Guns N Roses fans is Vienna in Austria.

Vienna will be a city for great events this summer. Unfortunately U2 will not come to Vienna, but a band that will perform in Vienna in addition to Guns N Roses is Coldplay. Just Guns N Roses Coldplay will perform once at Ernst Happel Stadium. The date for the Coldplay concert will be arranged on June 11th, while the Guns N Roses concert will be arranged at July 10th. You can find tickets for all these events and concerts using the ticket link beneath.

A few days before the concert in Vienna Guns N Roses will also perform in Prague. You can find out more about Prague and the concert there in the Prague Guide.

Guns N Roses concert in Vienna 2017
Guns N Roses concert in Vienna 2017

Guns N Roses concert in Vienna 2017

Ernst Happel Stadium
July 10th

Tickets: Viagogo

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Coldplay concert in Vienna 2017

On June 11th Coldplay will come to Vienna to perform at the Ernst Happel Stadium. The stadium will be packed, but will you be among the audience?

Coldplay is a very popular band and in 2017 they will be traveling all across the world with their “A Head Full of Dreams” tour. This is connected to their newest album carrying the same name, so if you haven’t bought their latest album yet, then this is a brilliant chance to do so.

Coldplay will visit lots of cities across Europe on their tour, but not so many close to Vienna, meaning that cities like Prague and Budapest will not be visited by the popular band.

Before arriving to Vienna Coldplay will perform in Lyon, and once they have finished their concert in Vienna they are supposed to leave for Leipzig. But, there is little doubt about the fact that the concert in Vienna will be fantastic. We are really happy about Coldplay coming to Vienna, especially after Bono and U2 skipped out on Vienna during their Joshua Tree tour, meaning that U2 fans will have to travel to Rome, Berlin or some other city in the western part of Europe if they want to enjoy a U2 concert in 2017.

Coldplay concert in Vienna
Coldplay concert in Vienna

Coldplay concert in Vienna

Ernst Happel Stadium
June 11th, 18.00

Tickets: Viagogo

Using the link above you will visit Viagogo, a site where you can find tickets for all the Coldplay concerts in Europe and elsewhere in 2017. But, if you find the tickets to be expensive, then why not skip the Coldplay concert in Vienna and eat lots of Sacher cake and check out the most famous Vienna attractions instead? You can find more information about the most important sights and activities in Vienna here in our Vienna Guide!

World Cup 2018 qualification: Austria vs Wales

On the 6th of October it is time for the Euro 2016 stars from Wales to play against the Euro 2016 failure Austria in Vienna. Can Austria keep up the good work from their first World Cup 2018 qualification match against Georgia?

There is little doubt about the fact that Austria’s performance in Euro 2016 was a big disappointment to most people. They came with great expectations on their shoulders, but it was all destroyed in the first match loosing 2-1 against their eastern neighbors Hungary. Now Austria is back out there again to qualify themselves for the World Cup 2018 in Russia, but it want be easy. In October they have two tough matches coming up. First they are to play against Wales in Vienna on September 6th and then three days later against Serbia in Serbia.

Can Austria stop Gareth Bale on October 6th in Vienna?
Can Austria stop Gareth Bale on October 6th in Vienna?

Austria vs Wales on October 6th

If Austria impressed in their match against Georgia in September, then Wales impressed even more as they won 4-0 against Moldova. That is of course an opponent they should beat easily, but 4-0 is still a great result in European football today. The question is whether Austria can play disciplined football and stop the great players from Wales like Gareth Bale and Samuel Vokes?

Austria has some great players themselves, but when it really counts they are not always able to perform well together. In this match against Wales they can take a giant step towards a great start on the World Cup qualification, at least if they manage to win.

Watch Austria vs Wales

You can watch the match in Vienna on the stadium, but if you only want to watch it at home then it will most likely be broadcasted on ORF in Austria. This is a free channel for everyone, so watch the match there if you are in Austria. If you are located outside Austria then you can read more about watching ORF from abroad in this article.

There are also lots of great places in Vienna where you can watch the match on big screens. There are sports pubs here and there and lots of restaurants also have large LCD screens available. Enjoy the match, and if you have time left do not forget to visit Schonbrunn, Hofburg and the rest of the famous attractions in Vienna.


Austria Wien vs Rosenborg

Do you like a good football match? On Thursday at 19.00 Austria Wien will host a Europe League qualification match against Rosenborg from Norway on Ernst Happen Stadium.

Rosenborg is a well known team in Europe and for sure the most famous Norwegian team. They have been playing in the Champions League several times, but in the last years they haven’t really managed to reach success in Europe. Last year they qualified for the Europe League, but they ended up on the last place in their group and did not manage to win any of their matches. But, what about Austrian Wien? Can they beat the Norwegian champions?

If you want to watch the match then the stadium is located not far from Prater, the fantastic fun park in the center of Vienna. From there you can go with a little train and end up by the stadium. The stadium is a giant one, meaning that there will for sure be free tickets if you should want to watch the match between Austria Wien and Rosenborg.

While in Vienna we recommend that you visit the Museum of Fine Arts which is one of the finest museums in Vienna. For shopping we recommend that you walk around in the center near the Stephansdom. For more information on hotels, restaurants, attractions and more in Vienna, read here in our Vienna Guide!

ACDC concert in Vienna 2016

ACDC Vienna 2016ACDC will come to Ernst Happel Stadium in 2016 and the date for their concert is May 19th. This is a great chance to listen to this legendary band as they play on the national stadium in Vienna which is located almost in the heart of the city, very near the fantastic Prater area.

If you want to be there at the ACDC concert in Vienna then you can buy tickets for from WorldTicketShop. If you would rather buy yourself an ACDC fan t-shirt or maybe some other ACDC effects then that can be done from

We look forward to this event, but even more we look forward to an event that will start about 3 weeks later, and that is the Euro 2016 in which Austria will take part. We are cheering for Austria in that tournament and we hope they will start the tournament with a fantastic win against our eastern neighbors Hungary. More information about the Euro 2016 and full schedule can be found here.

Enjoy the concert with ACDC and if you want more information about attractions and things to do in Vienna, just look around in our Vienna Guide.

We almost forgot to write that at Hulu you can now also watch the documentary named ACDC in Performance. This is a great way to listen to more ACDC music and get to know more about your favorite band. If you want to know more about Hulu and how to watch it online, visit

Austria – Moldova

This upcoming Saturday, starting at 20.45, it is time for a new Euro 2016 qualification match. This time Austria will play against Moldova, a team they beat 2-1 on October 9th in 2014 at the Stadionul Zimbru in Chisinau.

The odds are high for anything else than a victory for Austria in this match, so we are quite sure that this match will have a good end for Austria, but nowadays no opponent can be called an easy one in Europe, so hopefully the Austrian guys will not underestimate their opponent.

The match will be played at the Ernst Happel Stadium, located very near Prater, so if you are in Vienna and would like to watch the match live, then you better try to get hold of some tickets and check out this match at the impressive stadium in the center of Vienna.

If you have no chance to see the match at the stadium, then why not watch it live on a sports pub somewhere in Vienna? Read the linked article to read more about great sports bars and pubs in Vienna. If you do not have the chance to do so either, then you can watch the match on a TV in your hotel room, and it might be useful to know that the TV channel ORF will broadcast the match. If you want to know more about how you can watch the match online, read the following article in the IP Guide (useful if you are located outside Austria but still want to see the match at ORF).

One Direction concert in Vienna

One DirectionThe band One Direction is on a world tour from 2014 until 2015. One Direction is an English-Irish pop boy band including Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

They signed a contract with the record label Syco Records after they finished third at the singing competition The X Factor in 2010. They came out with four albums the first one was Up All Night in 2011, the second album was Take Me Home in 2012 and their third one was Midnight Memories in 2013. So far they achieved great success and they received several awards including four Brit Awards, MTV Awards and multiple others as well.

Nowadays One Direction is one of the most successful and most popular bands on the whole world. Their latest album Four was released in 2014. One Direction is on a tour now with their latest album and they are giving concerts all around the world from North America through Europe to Australia and Japan as well. They will also be giving concerts in Singapore, Thailand and so on. In Europe they will perform in countless countries and cities such as the UK, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany.

In Austria the concert will be in Vienna. In Vienna the concert will take place at Ernst Happel Stadion. The concert will be held on Wednesday 10th June in 2015. Tickets for the concert are already available at WorldTicketShop.

If you want to know more about other programs, concerts and events in Vienna, check out what is going on in Vienna.

Roger Waters Vienna 2013

Roger Waters Vienna concertEverything has started in 1965, when Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, Richard Wright and Nick Mason formed the Pink Floyd. Their first album was already a great success, and the Pink Floyd became the most popular British music band next to The Beatles. A little time later Roger Waters became the major song writer of the band, for example he wrote the today classic The Wall album. He has started his solo career in 1985; he released three studio album, two concert albums, a selecting album and an opera.

George Roger Waters was born near to Leatherhead in Great Bookham in 6 September 1943. His father was a school teacher, a peaceful Christian and a member of the English Communist Side. He died in Anzio in 1944, when little Roger was only five months old. This occasion influenced most of his works, like The Wall album.

In this year, the summer of 2013, Roger Waters will start his European tour, to makes his fans happy with his music. The tour’s one stop is no other, just the capital of Austria, the famous city, Vienna. The concert’s date is 23 August 2013 in the Ernst-Happel Stadium.

Vienna always offers some fantastic program opportunities to the tourists, so it would be not “just” the concert of a live legend, it could be an experience. Be a part of the miracle in this wonderful late summer time and make the August unforgettable! Have a good time!

Roger Waters concert in Vienna
Ernst-Happel Stadium
August 23rd

Tickets: WorldTicketShop –