Robbie Williams concert in Vienna 2017

Robbie Williams concert Vienna 2017Robbie Williams will be shouting and singing at the Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna on August 26th in 2017. Would you like to be there to sing along with him?

As Robbie Williams arrive to Vienna from Budapest on August 26th he is almost finished with his concert tour in 2017. He has by then visited beautiful cities all across Europe, but many will say that his London concert and his Prague concert might be among the highlights on his tour which is called the “Heavy Entertainment Tour.”

After the Robbie Williams concert in Vienna this British gentleman will travel to Klagenfurt, to Zurich, to St Petersburg and to Moscow. Once he is finished in the Russian capital his tour will be over, and it is time to take a break at home in England again.

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Robbie Williams concert in Vienna 2017

Ernst Happel Stadium
August 26th, 18.00

Tickets: Viagogo

The Ernst Happel Stadium in Vienna is a magnificent stadium with space for more than 60,000 people. It is located quite centrally in Vienna, meaning that you can just travel to Prater and from there you can either walk, or jump on this small “train” that takes you around in the park. This is a very nice ride, so a cool thing to do to get to the Ernst Happel Stadium. This is also the stadium used by Austria to play their football matches as the national team tries to qualify for the World Cup 2018.

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Robbie Williams Vienna 2014

Robbie Williams Vienna 2014On April 28th and on April 29th it is time for an two amazing concerts in Vienna. Robbie Williams is coming to town on his upcoming Europe tour, and the venue Stadthalle will be packed with fans two evenings in a row as Robbie comes to sing.

Robbie Williams will visit several big cities all around Europe in 2014, but not many cities will have the pleasure of enjoying his fellowship two evenings in a row. But, the Viennese audience will have this pleasure, because on both 28th and 29th of April he will perform and sing, and make the hearts of women melt.

If you want to be there at the Robbie Williams concert in Vienna in the end of April 2014, then you can buy tickets for this Stadthalle event using the link further down on this page!

Robbie Williams Vienna 2014

April 28th and 29th


Robbie Williams Vienna July 2013

Who doesn’t know the famous singer, Robbie Williams’ name? The popular British star was born in 1974 in England, Staffordshire County, in one of the six parts of Stoke-on-Trent, Burslem.

Robbie Williams concert in July 17th in Vienna
Robbie Williams concert in July 17th in Vienna
His parents, Peter and Jan Williams divorced, when their son was only three years old. Robbie’s career has started when his mother found an advertising at the newspaper, what was searching for a man singer to a band. Robbie became the member of the Take That. Despite the popularity, Robbie left the Take That in 1995 because of the internal strife. He made the adaptation of George Michael’s song, the Freedom, and he reached the second place on the British Hits. However he became famous alone too, he started his solo career with lots of ups and downs. Despite he fought against several drug and alcohol problems; he was at rehab treatment too, it seems, nowadays he calmed down. He, the ex-Casanova became a happy husband and father. His loving family consists of his wife, Ayda Field and their child, Theodora Rose.

The fans could be happy, because Robbie gives several concerts in different European metropolises, like in the capital of Austria, Vienna too. Do not hesitate, organize a lovely holiday to the wonderful Vienna with your family, friends and/or love, view the local attractions, the historical buildings, taste the local specialties and finally dance all night at Robbie Williams’ concert at 17 July 2013 at the Tribüne Krieau, Vienna! Have fun!

Robbie Williams concert 2013

July 17th
Tickets: Viagogo