Coldplay concert in Vienna 2017

Coldplay concert in Vienna

On June 11th Coldplay will come to Vienna to perform at the Ernst Happel Stadium. The stadium will be packed, but will you be among the audience?

Coldplay is a very popular band and in 2017 they will be traveling all across the world with their “A Head Full of Dreams” tour. This is connected to their newest album carrying the same name, so if you haven’t bought their latest album yet, then this is a brilliant chance to do so.

Coldplay will visit lots of cities across Europe on their tour, but not so many close to Vienna, meaning that cities like Prague and Budapest will not be visited by the popular band.

Before arriving to Vienna Coldplay will perform in Lyon, and once they have finished their concert in Vienna they are supposed to leave for Leipzig. But, there is little doubt about the fact that the concert in Vienna will be fantastic. We are really happy about Coldplay coming to Vienna, especially after Bono and U2 skipped out on Vienna during their Joshua Tree tour, meaning that U2 fans will have to travel to Rome, Berlin or some other city in the western part of Europe if they want to enjoy a U2 concert in 2017.

Coldplay concert in Vienna
Coldplay concert in Vienna

Coldplay concert in Vienna

Ernst Happel Stadium
June 11th, 18.00

Tickets: Viagogo

Using the link above you will visit Viagogo, a site where you can find tickets for all the Coldplay concerts in Europe and elsewhere in 2017. But, if you find the tickets to be expensive, then why not skip the Coldplay concert in Vienna and eat lots of Sacher cake and check out the most famous Vienna attractions instead? You can find more information about the most important sights and activities in Vienna here in our Vienna Guide!

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