Guns N Roses concert in Vienna

There will be lots of Guns N Roses concerts all across Europe in 2017. The band will perform in London, Paris, Prague, Lisbon, Stockholm, Copenhagen and lots of other cities. But, on July 10th the only important city in Europe for Guns N Roses fans is Vienna in Austria.

Vienna will be a city for great events this summer. Unfortunately U2 will not come to Vienna, but a band that will perform in Vienna in addition to Guns N Roses is Coldplay. Just Guns N Roses Coldplay will perform once at Ernst Happel Stadium. The date for the Coldplay concert will be arranged on June 11th, while the Guns N Roses concert will be arranged at July 10th. You can find tickets for all these events and concerts using the ticket link beneath.

A few days before the concert in Vienna Guns N Roses will also perform in Prague. You can find out more about Prague and the concert there in the Prague Guide.

Guns N Roses concert in Vienna 2017
Guns N Roses concert in Vienna 2017

Guns N Roses concert in Vienna 2017

Ernst Happel Stadium
July 10th

Tickets: Viagogo

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