Wiener Festwochen 2024

Wiener Festwochen is a celebration taking place in Vienna each year in May and June. It normally lasts for five-six weeks and it normally attracts about 200,000 visitors in total.

The opening of the festival takes place on a giant stage in front of the City Hall (Rathaus) in Vienna. This event is free, so if you are in Vienna on the opening date, do not miss out on this event.

In addition to concerts, there are also lots of exhibitions, workshops, dance performances, theater events, and much more.

The event was first arranged in 1951 and it has been arranged annually since then.

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Wiener Festwochen 2024

May 17th – June 23rd

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Vienna Christmas Markets in 2019

When are the Christmas markets opening in Vienna in 2019? What are the dates for the Christmas markets? Find answers to the most popular Vienna Christmas market questions and get other useful information needed to be well prepared!

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it becomes even more beautiful before Christmas. It has the most amazing Christmas markets in the world, and the biggest secret is that the entire city kind-of turns into a Christmas market. But, when will the Christmas markets be arranged in Vienna in 2019?

Merry Christmas Vienna
The Christmas markets in Vienna – S. Borisov / Shutterstock

About the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2019

The dates for the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2019 are now ready and official. Read on, and plan your trip to Vienna immediately.

If you have some time left, why not consider a day trip to Prague in which you can enjoy the Christmas markets in the Czech capital as well? You can read more about those Christmas markets here.

Vienna Christmas markets 2019 dates

The Christmas market at Rathausplatz (the most famous market)

November 15th – December 24th

The Spittelberg market (an awesome market in small streets)

November 14th – December 23rd

The Schönbrunn Christmas market dates in 2019

This is supposed to open on November 23rd and it will remain open until December 26th. Then it will be replaced by the so-called New Years’ market which is open until the first week of January 2020.

These are the most important Christmas markets in Vienna, but do not forget – there are lots of other markets as well. As you walk to the Maria-Theresien Platz (between the two awesome museums) you will find another Christmas market. If you keep on walking towards the Karlskirche, you will find another market. In the popular Prater area, you will discover yet another Christmas market, in fact, you will find small and large Christmas markets almost wherever you go in Vienna.

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Ice skating for two more days in front of Vienna City Hall

Wien ice skatingSince January 24th and until March 9th the legendary and fantastic ice skating rink will be running in front of the City Hall in Vienna. Do you have some skates to bring with you, come along and try the ice. If you have arrived to Vienna without skates, borrow some skates on the spot and try this fantastic activity in Vienna!

The area in front of the City Hall of Vienna hosts one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the world from late November until the end of December every year. Then there is a small break, and then from the end of January the traditional ice rink comes to the square and fills as much as 7000 square metres with ice. The longest track on the square gives people the chance of skating as much as 750 metres on the ice, absolutely worth trying.

So, if you are in town and have time, visit the City Hall, or at least the square in front of it, and enjoy a really cool visit to the ice rinks. They are open from 9 in the morning until 22.00 in the evening.

Christmas Market at Rathausplatz

Rathausplatz Christmas Market
Rathausplatz Christmas Market

The Christmas Market at Rathausplatz is probably the most famous, and the most popular market in Vienna. During evenings it is so packed, that you can hardly move because of the crowd. The lights are magnificent on the Rathaus, and they have very nice “Christmas Market cups.” You haven’t been to Vienna if you haven’t seen this!

At this Christmas Market you can buy mostly anything, and one of the special things with this market is that you also can use the “Christmas Market train” to see the entire area. The decorations are beautiful, and this has a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

Vienna Christmas Markets

How to get there?
Walk along the big ring, or take the metro (U2) to Rathaus.

Christmas Market at Rathausplatz pictures