The dates for the Christmas markets in 2022 and the Easter market in 2023 are here!

Are you planning a trip to Vienna before Christmas this year? Or maybe an Easter trip to Vienna in 2023? We have now published the dates for the Christmas markets in 2022 and for the Easter market in 2023 here in our Vienna Guide.

We haven’t updated our Vienna Guide frequently in recent years, mostly due to COVID. But, now that life is returning to normal, it is time to welcome tourists to Vienna once again.

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The earliest Christmas markets in Vienna will open on November 11th, while the biggest and most popular markets at the Rathausplatz and at Scönbrunn will open one week later.

Most markets will remain open until December 23rd or December 26th, but the Schönbrunn market will turn into a New Years Market after Christmas and remain open until January 4th in 2023.

What about the Easter market?

Two and a half months after the New Years Market at Schönbrunn has closed, it is time for the Easter Market that will open on March 25th in 2023. This will remain open for 1 1/2 weeks, and it is a fantastic way to enjoy a market with a nice atmosphere, combined with the wonderful surroundings of the Schönbrunn castle!

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Easter market

Are you in for an overdose of Easter bunnies and other fun? Then you should head to Vienna for Easter as they arrange a special Easter Market in the Schönbrunn Palace area.

As in every year, the Easter Market will provide the best programs for the visitors and the Easter Market will take place in the beautiful baroque surroundings of Schönbrunn Palace hosting the best program of the season. The market will be fully decorated with Easter eggs, candles, and flowers which will all represent the unique atmosphere of this special feast.

At the market, there will be various tempting food stalls packed fully with traditional Easter dishes including ham and eggs in every variation, and freshly prepared Austrian snacks as well. Apart from the delicious Austrian dishes, various crafted products such as ceramics, glasswork, and wooden toys for children will be also available. The Easter Market will also give a home to some Jazz concerts and various programs for children and adults as well.

Schönbrunn Palace
Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130 Wien, Austria

Easter Market Vienna 2023

Schönbrunn Palace, Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130 Wien, Austria

The Easter Market in Vienna will take place at the Schönbrunn Palace from 25th March to 11th April in 2023.

The market is open daily from 10 in the morning until 6.30 in the evening.

The annual Easter Market in Schonbrunn

Do not forget that you can find more information about what’s going on in Vienna here in our Vienna Guide. You can also read about the most important attractions in Vienna, some recommended restaurants, cool activities, and lots of other topics.

Vienna Christmas Markets in 2019

When are the Christmas markets opening in Vienna in 2019? What are the dates for the Christmas markets? Find answers to the most popular Vienna Christmas market questions and get other useful information needed to be well prepared!

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it becomes even more beautiful before Christmas. It has the most amazing Christmas markets in the world, and the biggest secret is that the entire city kind-of turns into a Christmas market. But, when will the Christmas markets be arranged in Vienna in 2019?

Merry Christmas Vienna
The Christmas markets in Vienna – S. Borisov / Shutterstock

About the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2019

The dates for the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2019 are now ready and official. Read on, and plan your trip to Vienna immediately.

If you have some time left, why not consider a day trip to Prague in which you can enjoy the Christmas markets in the Czech capital as well? You can read more about those Christmas markets here.

Vienna Christmas markets 2019 dates

The Christmas market at Rathausplatz (the most famous market)

November 15th – December 24th

The Spittelberg market (an awesome market in small streets)

November 14th – December 23rd

The Schönbrunn Christmas market dates in 2019

This is supposed to open on November 23rd and it will remain open until December 26th. Then it will be replaced by the so-called New Years’ market which is open until the first week of January 2020.

These are the most important Christmas markets in Vienna, but do not forget – there are lots of other markets as well. As you walk to the Maria-Theresien Platz (between the two awesome museums) you will find another Christmas market. If you keep on walking towards the Karlskirche, you will find another market. In the popular Prater area, you will discover yet another Christmas market, in fact, you will find small and large Christmas markets almost wherever you go in Vienna.

What are you waiting for? Plan your stay in Vienna, book your flight tickets and book your hotel straight away!

Easter Market in Vienna 2017

Are you ready for the Easter Market in Vienna 2017? Looking for the Easter market dates for 2017? Read on for info about the Schönbrunn Easter Market 2017.

The annual Schönbrunn Easter Market in 2017 will be arranged for the 15th time and the dates are set to be April 1st till April 17th. Those are the dates and the time period in which you should come to Vienna in 2017 if you want to see beautiful eggs, let your children partake in cool workshops and if you want to do some nice shopping in something quite similar to the annual Christmas markets in Vienna, but still with a feeling of spring and Easter to it.

SChonnbrunn Easter Market 2017

Easter Market in Vienna 2017

Schönbrunn Easter Market: April 1st – April 17th

If you like Easter markets then you will also find similar, but bigger Easter markets in Prague. If you decide to travel after Easter then you could consider Budapest instead, because there the market opens just around Easter and remains open for about one month after Easter, making it a perfect Spring fair.

Have fun and enjoy your trip to Vienna. If you have comments or questions, just write them down!


Christmas Market in Vienna 2015

Christmas Market ViennaThe annual Christmas markets are soon back to Vienna this year again. From the end of November and the beginning of December the official Christmas period starts which means that the different part of the city turns into beautiful Christmas villages and fairs with the various Christmas lights and decorations.

Like in every year this year´s Christmas fairs will offer the best hand made high quality Christmas goodies. So which are the best Christmas markets in Vienna in 2015?

Probably one of the most popular and famous fair in Vienna is the Christkindlmarkt at Rathausplatz, the fair will open its gates from 13th November 2015 to 26th December 2015 every day from ten in the morning until ten in the evening except on 24th December when the market is only open until 7 in the evening.

The other really popular market in Vienna is the Christmas Village / New Year´s Eve Village which will take place at the Maria Theresien Platz from 18th November to 31st December 2015. The fair is open from Sunday to Thursday from 11 in the morning until 9.30 in the evening and from Friday to Saturday from 11 in the morning until ten in the evening, on 24th December it is open until 4 in the afternoon and between the 25th and 30th it is open until 7.30 in the evening.

The market is situated between the Museum of Art History and Natural History. The last market we would like to mention is the Advent Market at Karlskirche. The Advent Market will be open from 20th November 2015 until 23rd December 2015 every day from noon to 8 in the evening. The market usually offers various children programs and workshops such as pony tracking.

And no not forget the Christmas market by Schonbrunn which will open on November 21st in 2015. It will last until December 26, but from December 27th the program will go on until January 3rd, but in this period they call it a New Years market. Have fun and enjoy!

Schönbrunn Christmas Market 2014

Schonbrunn ChristmasIn Vienna the Christmas Market will open its gates in 2014 again to the visitors. The Christmas Market Schloß Schönbrunn attracts around 1 million people every year from all over the world to come to Austria during the Advent period and get in the Christmas mood.

Each year the market’s popularity just grows and it became one of the most popular one in Europe. This year the Christmas Market will be held from the last weeks of November. At the Christmas Market visitors will have the chance to enjoy the handicraft markets and the best quality hot wines and Austrian foods as well. More than 80 exhibitors from Austria and other neighbor countries will present their traditional handicrafts and foods such as the Christmas decorations and the best hot wines, beers, sausages and several other specialties.

The Schloß Schönbrunn market gives a really special and unique Christmas atmosphere with its unusual setting and the great variety of handicrafts. The Christmas Market will take place at Schloß Schönbrunn in Vienna from 22nd of November until 26th December 2014. After the Christmas holiday from 27th December 2014. until 1st January 2015 there will be jazz concerts, children’s activities and other programs as well.

If you want to know more information on the Christmas Market check the following link.

Some beautiful Vienna pictures

Are you a fan of Vienna? Maybe you have been to the city a couple of times and long to come back again? Or maybe you have never been there, and now you are here to look for Vienna pictures, and if you like them, then you might visit Vienna for the first time in your life?

Here you can see pictures of some of the most famous attractions in Vienna, for example the Riesenrad (the big Ferris Wheel), quite some pictures from Schönbrunn, from Belvedere and some other Vienna pictures. Enjoy them and if you like them, please share the article on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Vienna pictures



Schonnbrunn - Gloriette
Schonnbrunn – Gloriette


Johann Strauss
Johann Strauss


Schonnbrunn Wien
Schonnbrunn Wien


Wien – Vienna

Five attractions not to miss in Vienna

You probably know, the capital of Austria, Vienna is one of the most outstanding cultural centers at the Middle European area besides Budapest. There are lots of beautiful buildings, fantastic restaurants, lovely coffee shops and amazing museums too in Vienna. Maybe a one month holiday isn’t enough either to see everything perfectly. But we want you to fully utilize your time in Vienna. Because of that, we have made this little list for you, about the in our opinion most important attractions, to give you more information.

The first in our compilation is the Hofburg Imperial Palace. This is the residence of the president today, but it is useful information that it was the winter residence of the Habsburg royal family. At Hofburg you have the chance for sightseeing tour with horse carriage, what makes a simple tour to a romantic experience. Near to the Palace there are a horse stable and riding school, museums and treasury.


There was a winter residence, so it is sure that there was a summer residence too. It was the Schönbrunn Castle. The palace is huge, it has 1400 rooms. At the castle’s territory there are lots of interesting things, for example the Gloriette, a botanic garden, the world’s oldest ZOO, the car museum, several chapels and wells and a labyrinth too.

The third attraction on our list is the Belvedere Palace, what was built by Eugen von Savoyen. The garden around the castle is very similar to the Versailles Castle in France; even one of the gardeners is from Versailles. If you want a bit of France in the middle of the Austrian capital, you definitely should visit it.

The next point in our compilation is the Parliament. This enormous and beautiful building is easily recognizable. There is a beautiful Pallas Athena statue in front of the Parliament. The whole thing is gold-plated, elegant and dignified. If you want to see it inside, you have the chance. You can get more information about the guided tours’ timetable if you click here.

The last, what we want to talk about is the Stephansdom. The gothic dome got its name after the first martyr, Stephen. You can see the church inside too; moreover, it is available to go up one of its towers. It is only 300 steps, and you can see one of the most breathtaking views in your life: the panorama in Vienna. The highest tower of the Stephansdom is 135 meters tall, and its biggest bell is more than 20 tons.

These five listed attractions naturally just a little part of the Austrian capital’s famous places, but it could help you during a shorter vacation in Vienna.

Unfortunately, there isn’t more space for the museums on this list, but if you click here, you can read about them. If you want to complete your sightseeing tour with other funny things, click here and know more about those five things, what you have to try in Vienna! Have fun!

Five attractions in Vienna

Summer Night Concert by the Philharmonic

A free concert is going to take place in the garden of the beautiful Schönbrunn on the 7th of June where the Vienna Philharmonic and conductor Gustave Dudamel is performing! This concert is held open-air and free since 2004 and it is fantastic! Limited places, so come in time! Concert starts at 9 in the evening but gates are opened at 6.30pm.

Summer Night Concert by the Philharmonic
June 7th, 2012
Schönbrunn, Vienna