The dates for the Christmas markets in 2022 and the Easter market in 2023 are here!

Are you planning a trip to Vienna before Christmas this year? Or maybe an Easter trip to Vienna in 2023? We have now published the dates for the Christmas markets in 2022 and for the Easter market in 2023 here in our Vienna Guide.

We haven’t updated our Vienna Guide frequently in recent years, mostly due to COVID. But, now that life is returning to normal, it is time to welcome tourists to Vienna once again.

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The earliest Christmas markets in Vienna will open on November 11th, while the biggest and most popular markets at the Rathausplatz and at Scönbrunn will open one week later.

Most markets will remain open until December 23rd or December 26th, but the Schönbrunn market will turn into a New Years Market after Christmas and remain open until January 4th in 2023.

What about the Easter market?

Two and a half months after the New Years Market at Schönbrunn has closed, it is time for the Easter Market that will open on March 25th in 2023. This will remain open for 1 1/2 weeks, and it is a fantastic way to enjoy a market with a nice atmosphere, combined with the wonderful surroundings of the Schönbrunn castle!

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Easter market 2025

Are you in for an overdose of Easter bunnies and other fun? Then you should head to Vienna for Easter as they have arranged a special Easter Market in the Schönbrunn Palace area.

The Easter market by Schönbrunn is Vienna’s most famous and popular Easter market. But there are some other markets worth mentioning as well. Let us start with the most important.

Easter market at Schönbrunn

As in every year, the Easter Market will provide the best programs for the visitors and the Easter Market will take place in the beautiful baroque surroundings of Schönbrunn Palace, hosting the best program of the season. The market will be fully decorated with Easter eggs, candles, and flowers which will all represent the unique atmosphere of this special feast.

At the market, various tempting food stalls will be packed fully with traditional Easter dishes, including ham and eggs in every variation and freshly prepared Austrian snacks. Apart from the delicious Austrian dishes, various crafted products such as ceramics, glasswork, and wooden toys for children will also be available. The Easter Market will also give a home to some Jazz concerts and various programs for children and adults.

Easter Market Schönbrunn Vienna 2025

Address: Schönbrunn Palace, Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130 Wien, Austria
Dates: April 5, 2025 – April 22, 2024

How to get to Schönbrunn?

  • Take the U4 subway line (Green Line) from downtown Vienna heading towards Hütteldorf. Get off at Schönbrunn Station, which is only a few minutes walk from the palace.
  • Alternatively, you can take the tram lines 10 or 58 from the city center to Schönbrunn. Both tram lines stop at Schönbrunn Palace.
  • If you prefer to take the bus, you can take the 10A bus from Karlsplatz to Schönbrunn Palace. The bus stop is located near the main entrance to the palace.

If you first visit Schönbrunn, do not miss out on the other programs available at the location. Walk around in the castle gardens, join a tour inside the castle, or bring your kids along and visit the fantastic zoo.

Looking for a place to stay near Schönbrunn?

Would you like to get to the Easter market at Schönbrunn without using public transportation or walking for hours? Look at the map below to find great accommodation options near the Easter market at Schönbrunn.

Easter market at Freyung & Hof.

These are two Easter markets very close to one another. You will find Christmas markets at both locations before Christmas, and even though the Easter markets might not feel as majestic and impressive as the Easter markets, they are still worth visiting.

You can easily get here as you walk from Stephansplatz along Graben, then continue along Bognergasse. This is a fantastic walk in itself and you will see fantastic shops and in Bognergasse you will meet a lot of luxurious stores. But, don’t spend your money there. Wait until you arrive at the Easter markets at Hof and Freyung.

ornamented eggs

What should you buy at these markets? The market at Freyung is primarily known for its wide selection of eggs. Here you can buy beautifully looking eggs made in a way that makes them easy to hang in the window as you travel home. This might be the closest you will get to an authentic Easter market. It should be mentioned that Freyung isn’t a big square like Hof, nor is the area in front of Schönbrunn. It feels more like a misshaped square; you wouldn’t expect anything to be located here. Still, it is a lovely area to visit.

If you’d rather eat eggs than use them as decorations, you will also find marzipan eggs and other egg-formed snacks at the different Easter markets in Vienna.