Christmas markets in Vienna in 2016

The dates are official. You can order your flight tickets right away and book a hotel, because these are the dates for the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2016.

There are few people who disagree about the fact that the Christmas markets in Vienna are among the nicest in all of Europe and in the entire world. The main Christmas market which is located in front of the City Hall (Rathaus) is the most popular and famous, and it looks fantastic, especially in the evenings.

Merry Christmas from Vienna
Merry Christmas from Vienna

There are of course lots of other markets as well in Vienna, and the second most famous Christmas market in Vienna is located by the Schonbrunn Castle. This is also followed up by a new years market in case you only arrive to Vienna after Christmas.

One of the most special Christmas markets in Vienna is the one at Spittelberg. This is not a traditional big square market, but this is lots of small streets with stands and shops giving you a fantastic Christmas market feeling. This is one you should absolutely visit if you come to Vienna for Christmas.

Dates for the Christmas markets in Vienna

  • Rathausplatz: November 11th – December 26th
  • Schönbrunn: November 19th – December 26th (followed by new Years Market)
  • Belvedere: November 18th – December 23rd
  • Spittelberg: November 12th – December 23rd

For more information about the Christmas markets in Vienna, click the link.

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We wish you a pleasant stay in Vienna and a Merry Christmas!

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