Christmas markets in Vienna 2017 dates

Christmas market in Vienna

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and before Christmas it might be the most beautiful of them all. Find out when to visit Vienna before Christmas to discover the beautiful Christmas markets.

Lots of cities in Europe have beautiful Christmas markets, but there is something special about Vienna. It isn’t just a city with a Christmas market, but the inner city feels like a giant Christmas market in itself. People drink hot wine on every street corner, there are minor markets everywhere, and then at some special locations you can also enjoy giant Christmas markets.

Christmas market in Vienna
A picture from the Christmas market at Karlsplatz in Vienna – By trabantos / Shutterstock

Vienna Christmas market dates

You are probably wondering when this years Christmas markets in Vienna will open and close. The most popular Christmas market in front of the City Hall (Rathaus) will open on November 18th and stay open until December 26th (some booths until December 30th). We originally guessed that this market would open one week earlier, but seems like they delayed the opening of this years Christmas market with one week (compared to last year). If you arrive one week earlier, maybe you should visit the Christmas markets in Budapest which will open on November 10th instead?

The Christmas market by Schönbrunn will open on November 18th as well and stay open until December 26th. But, from December 27th it will be re-opened, but then as a New Years market which will remain open until January 1st.

There will be several other Christmas markets in Vienna, but these are the most important and famous markets. We wish you a fantastic Christmas celebration.

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    Finally I found some dates for the Christmas markets in Vienna. I have heard so much about them and I would really love to go and visit them in 2017. If I do not succeed this year, then I will for sure make space for it in my schedule in 2018.

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