Christmas markets

Vienna has several Christmas Markets and they are all known to be among the best in all of Europe. What is especially cool in Vienna is that every Christmas Market has its own cup which you can buy, and of course drink hot chocolate and glühwein from it. So, if you visit all the different […]

Vienna Christmas market recommendations

Vienna might be the most beautiful city in the world to visit during the Christmas market season. It has a fantastic atmosphere, tons of Christmas markets and beautiful lights everywhere. Those who love a city with Christmas markets, will for sure love Vienna. If you haven’t been to the city before, you just have to […]

Christmas markets in Vienna 2017 dates

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and before Christmas it might be the most beautiful of them all. Find out when to visit Vienna before Christmas to discover the beautiful Christmas markets. Lots of cities in Europe have beautiful Christmas markets, but there is something special about Vienna. It isn’t just […]

Christmas markets in Vienna in 2016

The dates are official. You can order your flight tickets right away and book a hotel, because these are the dates for the Christmas markets in Vienna in 2016. There are few people who disagree about the fact that the Christmas markets in Vienna are among the nicest in all of Europe and in the […]

Christmas in Vienna (pictures)

The Christmas markets in Vienna have been going strong for a while and most of them will be open for at least one more week and maybe even two weeks. So, if you have not yet visited the Christmas markets in Vienna you have still got the chance for some days. We have of course […]