Andrea Bocelli in Vienna 2018

Andrea Bocelli live in ViennaOn March 24th Andrea Bocelli will sing from the stage in Wiener Stadthalle. Would you like to be there to listen? It is 100% possible.

While other artists like Coldplay, U2 and Bruno Mars have five concerts a week during their tours, Andrea Bocelli is taking it in a much nicer pace. In 2018 he will celebrate his 60th birthday on September 22nd, and probably not for that reason, but he still does his tour with about one concert a week. Sometimes even less, because when he comes to Vienna on March 24th, his former concert was in Zagreb exactly two weeks earlier.

Andrea Bocelli is one of the most influential singers of our time, and he has recorded more than 15 albums. He was born with poor sight, but unfortunately his sight was totally lost at the age of 12 after a football accident.

Would you like to be there in Wiener Stadthalle on the concert on March 24th in 2018? It can be done. Use the ticket link beneath to grab hold of your tickets.

Andrea Bocelli Wien 2018

Wiener Stadthalle
March 24th, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

If you visit the ticket link, do a quick search for Andrea Bocelli. You can then look through all sorts of Andrea Bocelli tickets and buy whatever you want to. If you do a search for Vienna, you will find a list of other events and concerts in Vienna, and can choose freely for yourself what you want to do while in the Austrian capital.

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Andrea Bocelli Vienna 2014

Andrea BocelliIf you want to get some joy into a long and sometimes boring November, then you should order your tickets for the Andre Bocelli concert in Vienna on November 8th in 2014.

Andrea Bocelli has one of the most beautiful voices in the world, and the fact that he is blind, just makes it all even more beautiful. Instead of feeling sorry for himself for not seeing, he is out there inspiring and giving joy to millions of people every year as he enters stages worldwide and opening his mouth to let the beautiful sounds come into the air.

The Andre Bocelli concert in Vienna will start at 19.30 and the venue is the popular and frequently used Stadthalle. If you want to be there at the Andrea Bocelli concert in Vienna you can buy your tickets using the link further down.

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Andrea Bocelli Vienna 2014

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

You can also enjoy the voice of Andrea Bocelli in Belfast in the start of November !:)