Michael Buble concert in Vienna

Michael Buble is a Canadian singer, songwriter and producer. He is incredibly popular, and now he is coming to Vienna.

He was nominated to many awards and he won four Grammy awards and several Juno awards as well. His first album was really popular in Canada and in the UK. His first biggest outbreak was in 2005 when he got worldwide known with his album the It’s Time, in 2007 another of his album came out the Call Me Irresponsible which reached number one on many charts including the Canadian Albums Chart, the U.S. Billboard 200 albums chart, the UK albums chart and other European and Australian charts as well. His latest album the To Be Loved was also a great success. The new album was published in 2013.

Michael Buble is touring with his new album and he will have plenty of concerts in Europe and in Argentina, Chile and Brazil as well. He will give big concerts in most of the European countries such as UK, Germany, Poland, Hungary and even in Austria as well. The concert in Austria will be in the Austrian capital Vienna. The concert will take place in the Weiner Stadthalle 5th November 2014 right after the Hungarian concert which is just a day before. The concert starts in the Weiner Stadthalle in Vienna at 8 in the evening and tickets are on sale already. A normal priced ticket starts from 53.50 euros to 299 euros.

If you are interested in this concert and you want to know more information on the concert, check the official site and book your ticket online.


Slash concert in Vienna

Slash is a British-American musician and songwriter. He was the lead guitarist of Guns and Roses and the group achieved great success and got worldwide known in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Slash came out with three solo albums, the first was Slash which was released in 2010 then the second solo album the Apocalyptic came out two years later in 2012. His third one was released in 2014 the World on Fire which was recorded with the singer and guitarist Myles Kennedy. His solo play in the November Rain was ranked number 6 of the ‘The 100 Greatest Guitar Solos’ in 2008.

Slash is giving concerts now in North-America, in Europe and in Australia as well. He is touring from 2014 until 2015 beginning of March. He started his tour in the USA and Canada then his following concerts will be first in Europe and after he is giving the last concerts in Australia. In Europe he will give concerts in the bigger countries such as Germany, UK, France and even in Austria and Switzerland too. The concert in Austria will take place in Vienna in the Stadthalle. The concert will be 19th November 2014. The concert starts at 19.30.

The tickets are already available for the concerts.

If you want to get your ticket check the following site.

Andrea Bocelli Vienna 2014

Andrea BocelliIf you want to get some joy into a long and sometimes boring November, then you should order your tickets for the Andre Bocelli concert in Vienna on November 8th in 2014.

Andrea Bocelli has one of the most beautiful voices in the world, and the fact that he is blind, just makes it all even more beautiful. Instead of feeling sorry for himself for not seeing, he is out there inspiring and giving joy to millions of people every year as he enters stages worldwide and opening his mouth to let the beautiful sounds come into the air.

The Andre Bocelli concert in Vienna will start at 19.30 and the venue is the popular and frequently used Stadthalle. If you want to be there at the Andrea Bocelli concert in Vienna you can buy your tickets using the link further down.

Enjoy Vienna, and check out all the beautiful attractions while in town. If you want to live like a kind when in Vienna, read about the best hotels in town here.

Andrea Bocelli Vienna 2014

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

You can also enjoy the voice of Andrea Bocelli in Belfast in the start of November !:)