Andrea Bocelli Vienna 2014

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea BocelliIf you want to get some joy into a long and sometimes boring November, then you should order your tickets for the Andre Bocelli concert in Vienna on November 8th in 2014.

Andrea Bocelli has one of the most beautiful voices in the world, and the fact that he is blind, just makes it all even more beautiful. Instead of feeling sorry for himself for not seeing, he is out there inspiring and giving joy to millions of people every year as he enters stages worldwide and opening his mouth to let the beautiful sounds come into the air.

The Andre Bocelli concert in Vienna will start at 19.30 and the venue is the popular and frequently used Stadthalle. If you want to be there at the Andrea Bocelli concert in Vienna you can buy your tickets using the link further down.

Enjoy Vienna, and check out all the beautiful attractions while in town. If you want to live like a kind when in Vienna, read about the best hotels in town here.

Andrea Bocelli Vienna 2014

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

You can also enjoy the voice of Andrea Bocelli in Belfast in the start of November !:)

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