Féte Impériale

On the 29th of June for the third time a fantastic summer ball is taking place at the Féte Impériale. Originally this place is a Spanish riding school, which transforms into a ballroom, but only for one night! This year’s inspiration is the Olympic Games, so the decorations reminds us to this big event of 2012. More information is available here:

Féte Impériale
29th of June, 2012

Vienna Jazz Festival 2012

Between the 25th of June and the 9th of July a fabulous festival is taking place in Vienna! Jazz-music is going to be everywhere in the city! Such stars as Sharon Jones, Bobby McFerrin, Eric Burdon etc are performing during the festival, where on the Rathausplatz three free concerts can be enjoyed! More information is on the page:

Vienna Jazz Festival
25th of June – 9th of July, 2012

Summer Night Concert by the Philharmonic

A free concert is going to take place in the garden of the beautiful Schönbrunn on the 7th of June where the Vienna Philharmonic and conductor Gustave Dudamel is performing! This concert is held open-air and free since 2004 and it is fantastic! Limited places, so come in time! Concert starts at 9 in the evening but gates are opened at 6.30pm.

Summer Night Concert by the Philharmonic
June 7th, 2012
Schönbrunn, Vienna

Vienna Festival Concerts 2012

The Vienna Festival Concerts is one of the highlights of the year in Vienna! Between the 6th of May and the 17th of June several orchestras, soloist, conductors are performing during this period! The world’s best is coming, you should also join! More information of the programme is on the page following:

Vienna Festival Concerts 2012

6th of May – 17th of June 2012

Information about other concerts and events in Vienna

Black Sabbath Vienna 2012

Black Sabbath will come to Vienna to play on June 26th in 2012. The concert will be arranged in Stadthalle in Vienna, so this will be a crowded concert with an amazing concert atmosphere and lots of people. If you like Black Sabbath, check out this cool concert in Vienna in June 2012.

Black Sabbath Vienna
June 26th, 2012
Wiener Stadthalle

Tickets: Seatwave.com

Paris concertsBlack Sabbath Paris

Celtic Woman Vienna 2012

If you are interested in the mysterious Celtic Woman, then it might be good to know that it consists of several ladies and they are coming to Vienna in June 2012. If you would like to check out this spectacular and cool event, then you can buy tickets for the Celtic Woman concert using the link on this page. The band was formed in 2004 and has increased in popularity all the time since then.

Celtic Woman Vienna
June 3rd, 20.00

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

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