Sommernachtsraum Vienna 2010

If you like Sommernachtsraum and would like to see this performance live in Vienna Stadthalle either December 11, or December 12, then you can buy tickets using the link further down on this page. Go for it, because this will be a great event.

Sommernachtsraum Vienna 2010
December 11, 12

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MGMT Vienna 2010


MGMT is out touring Europe as always, and during their tour they will vist Oslo, a whole lot of other cities, and of course Vienna. The MGMT concert in venue will be held in Gasometer and the MGMT concert date is December 12, starting at 20.00. If you want MGMT tickets, check the link further down.

MGMT Vienna
December 12, 20.00

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

New Year’s Concert Vienna 2010

New Years Concert Vienna
New Years Concert Vienna

The best way to finish a year, or the best way to start a new year is the visit Vienna and be a part of the legendary New Years Concert. This is for sure something to remember and though most people see it on their television, or listen to it through their radio, you have the chance to be there and see it live this year. The New Year’s concert will be arranged December 30th at 11:00, December 31st and January 1st at 20.00. Tickets can be bought using the link below (yes, we know the tickets are expensive, but if you would like to be there, there is a price to pay).

The conductor is the famous Franz Welser Molz!

New Year’s Concert Vienna 2010
December 30, 31 & January 1 (2011)
The Musikverein

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