Velázquez – Exhibition


Diego Velázquez was a Spanish painter and he was the leading artist of Philip IV. He is one of the most important and most outstanding painters of the Spanish Golden Age.


He was truly an individualistic Baroque painter of that time. He is best known for his portraits. He worked for and painted portraits of the Spanish Royal family and other European figures. His most famous art work, his masterpiece is the worldwide known Las Meninas which he painted in 1656. In 2014 the first time visitors will have the chance to explore Velázquez paintings in Vienna. The exhibition features different paintings from the painter and visitors will have the chance to have a closer look on the best pictures of Velázquez. At the exhibition there will be a wide range of paintings and one of the highlights of the picture gallery will be the charming portraits of the royal children. The museum will show a collection of different paintings from Velázquez such as religious subjects, portraits, history paintings and kitchen still lives that showing the variety of the artist. The exhibition will take place in Vienna, Austria at the Picture Gallery, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien from 28th October 2014 until 15th February 2015.

For more information on the exhibition check the official site.

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