Miro: From earth to sky – Vienna exhibition

Miro Wien

Miro WienThis exhibition represents a wide collection of Miro. Joan Miro is a Catalan Spanish painter, ceramicist and sculptor. He was born in 1893 and he died in 1983 in Barcelona.

In Barcelona there is a museum dedicated to his art work which was established in 1975. He is a really well known surrealist painter and he became one of the most popular painters in the 20th century. At the exhibition visitors will have the chance to have an insight look in the life of the painter and to experience life through the way he saw the world around him. The exhibition covers over more than 100 paintings, drawings and other art works that shows the real characteristics of surrealism. His paintings and art works have a carefree and spontaneous style.

Joan Miro’s paintings have typical and unmistakable characteristics. The exhibition you can see his most famous art works The Farm, the Metamorphosis and the Landscape. His most recognizable elements in his paintings are the moon, the stars, the sky, insects, birds and women. The Miro exhibition will take place at the Albertina museum in Vienna, Austria. The exhibition will be held from 12th September 2014 until 11th January in 2015.

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