Grand Opening at Rathausplatz today!

Christmas Market Vienna
Christmas Market Vienna

It is Friday the 13th of November and today it is time for the grand opening of the Christmas Market at Rathausplatz in 2015. This is the one of the best looking and nicest Christmas Markets in all of Europe, so if you have the chance you should get over there today to taste some real gluhwein and to buy some strawberries covered in chocolate!

There is so much to do and so much to see at the Christmas Market at Rathausplatz, but the place really turns magical as the sun goes down (around 17.00), because then the amazing Christmas lights are turned on and the city hall itself turns into the most magical Disney castle you could ever imagine. In every three you can see colored lights and with Christmas music in the background it is simply stunning. And one more reason to go and check it out right away, is that the real winter temperatures have not yet arrived to Vienna, meaning that you can be lucky and be able to enjoy the Christmas Market with temperatures above 10 Celsius, which is way better than freezing like crazy in -5 Celsius. Let us assure you that the hot wine tastes good also in 10 Celsius, so you do not actually need those minus degrees to be able to enjoy the Christmas Market at Rathausplatz.

But, what should you buy at the Christmas Market? You should of course buy the hot wine, buy some sausages and taste some cakes and sweets. Except from that you can buy some Mozart chocolate around in souvenir shops in Vienna. If you want to buy something completely different for friends and family, then you could consider some tasty organic coffee, but you will not find that in Vienna at the Christmas market, but you can buy it online. There are of course coffee stores in Vienna, so look around if you are interested!

We wish you a merry Christmas and hope you will enjoy the Christmas markets in Vienna and that you will be able to enjoy it, and that you will find the Christmas presents you are looking for, be it coffee, tea, wine, chocolate or something else.

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