Austria in Euro 2020

Austria is coming to Euro 2020 with some great players and with a good chance to qualify for the knockout stage. The truth is, many expected Austria to perform well in Euro 2016 as well, but then they ended up last in their group, and it all started with a 2-0 defeat against their neighbors from Hungary. Will Austria play better during the European Championship in football in 2021? When will Austria play their matches? Where will Austria play? You will find all this and more information in this article!

Austria has a very good squad, and they performed very well in the Nations League, and they have played many good matches in a row. But, when it is time for a big tournament, nobody cares about the past and how well they played some months ago. If Austria don’t play well during the tournament, nobody cares!

But, who will Austria play against this time? Do they have a better chance than in 2016?

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Austria in Euro 2016

During the European Championship in football in 2016, Austria had to play against Iceland, Portugal, and Hungary. It didn’t sound like a hard group before the tournament, but Austria still ended up at the last place.

Austria in Euro 2020

This time Austria will play against the Netherlands, Ukraine, and North Macedonia. To be honest, the group feels quite similar to the group from 2016. It isn’t an easy group, but it shouldn’t be the hardest either. Everyone will expect North Macedonia to loose all their matches, and that the battle for most points in the group will be between the Netherlands, Ukraine, and Austria.

What is interesting about the group is the fact that Ukraine, Netherlands, and Austria often remind us of a rollercoaster. On a good day, they are on the top and play awesome football, but on the next day, they are at the bottom and play lousy football. As a result, this group is a very open group and I believe anything is possible.

When and where will Austria play their matches?

The European Championship in football in 2021 will be played all across Europe. But, there will not be played any matches in Austria, meaning that the Austrian team will have to travel to other destinations in order to play their matches.;

  • Austria will play their first match against North Macedonia in Bucharest on June 13 in Bucharest (Romania).
  • Austria will play their second match in Euro 2020 against the Netherlands in Amsterdam on June 17 at 21.00.
  • Austria will play their third match in the group stage against Ukraine in Bucharest on June 21 at 18.00.

It is quite interesting that once again Austria will play against the potentially “weakest” team in the group in their first match (just like in 2016). Hopefully, Austria will get a better start on the tournament this time, because it is needed for the atmosphere in the team to get right from the first moment on.

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Where will you watch the matches?

Austria will play their matches during the group stage in Amsterdam and in Bucharest. These are both cities that will only allow the stadiums to be used at 25% of the capacity. That might be a little disappointing, but it is still way better than playing in front of empty arenas.

So, where will you watch the matches? Will you be watching them at home on your TV, will you sit in front of a computer and stream the European Championship in football online, or will you find a local pub or a big screen somewhere and watch the matches there?

And do you believe Austria will perform better during the European Championship in 2021 than they did back in 2016? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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