Five attractions not to miss in Vienna


You probably know, the capital of Austria, Vienna is one of the most outstanding cultural centers at the Middle European area besides Budapest. There are lots of beautiful buildings, fantastic restaurants, lovely coffee shops and amazing museums too in Vienna. Maybe a one month holiday isn’t enough either to see everything perfectly. But we want you to fully utilize your time in Vienna. Because of that, we have made this little list for you, about the in our opinion most important attractions, to give you more information.

The first in our compilation is the Hofburg Imperial Palace. This is the residence of the president today, but it is useful information that it was the winter residence of the Habsburg royal family. At Hofburg you have the chance for sightseeing tour with horse carriage, what makes a simple tour to a romantic experience. Near to the Palace there are a horse stable and riding school, museums and treasury.


There was a winter residence, so it is sure that there was a summer residence too. It was the Schönbrunn Castle. The palace is huge, it has 1400 rooms. At the castle’s territory there are lots of interesting things, for example the Gloriette, a botanic garden, the world’s oldest ZOO, the car museum, several chapels and wells and a labyrinth too.

The third attraction on our list is the Belvedere Palace, what was built by Eugen von Savoyen. The garden around the castle is very similar to the Versailles Castle in France; even one of the gardeners is from Versailles. If you want a bit of France in the middle of the Austrian capital, you definitely should visit it.

The next point in our compilation is the Parliament. This enormous and beautiful building is easily recognizable. There is a beautiful Pallas Athena statue in front of the Parliament. The whole thing is gold-plated, elegant and dignified. If you want to see it inside, you have the chance. You can get more information about the guided tours’ timetable if you click here.

The last, what we want to talk about is the Stephansdom. The gothic dome got its name after the first martyr, Stephen. You can see the church inside too; moreover, it is available to go up one of its towers. It is only 300 steps, and you can see one of the most breathtaking views in your life: the panorama in Vienna. The highest tower of the Stephansdom is 135 meters tall, and its biggest bell is more than 20 tons.

These five listed attractions naturally just a little part of the Austrian capital’s famous places, but it could help you during a shorter vacation in Vienna.

Unfortunately, there isn’t more space for the museums on this list, but if you click here, you can read about them. If you want to complete your sightseeing tour with other funny things, click here and know more about those five things, what you have to try in Vienna! Have fun!

Five attractions in Vienna

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