How to watch Netflix in Austria?

Do you live in Austria and want to make a subscription to Netflix? Or do you have a Netflix subscription in the UK or maybe in the United States and would like to watch it while in Austria, but you are unable because Netflix tells you that their services are unavailable at your location?

This is a very typical question we receive from our readers and from travelers coming to Austria. Luckily there are tons of websites out there explaining how to watch Netflix from abroad, so instead of inventing the wheel over again, we would rather recommend that you go ahead and visit one of the following article:

To sum up the contents of the two sites, the goal is to get an IP address in the nation where you want to watch Netflix. Since you are searching on this content in English, you probably want to sign up for a Netflix account in either the UK, in Ireland, in USA or in Canada. To do so you need an IP in one of those nations. If you already have a Netflix account, it is important that you get an IP address in the same nation as in which you have your already running Netflix account.

To watch Netflix in Austria

To watch Netflix in Austria we recommend that you sign up for a Netflix account in the UK. That is easy and works great and all you need is a UK IP address. We recommend that you use a VPN provider to get such an IP address and one of the best VPN providers on the market is HideMyAss. They run their services from the UK, meaning that the company behind the product do their uttermost to give all users the best service possible in the nation in which they are actually located, in the UK. Their services can therefore warmly be recommended if you are looking for a UK IP address.

So, to get started watching Netflix in Austria all you need to do is to visit the HideMyAss website, sign up, download their VPN client and visit the Netflix website again after restarting your browser. You can now sign up for a free 30 day trial and enjoy the full register of programs and shows available in the Netflix system.

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