Three birthday exhibitions in the Museum of Fine Art


The Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna is celebrating its 125 year anniversary in 2016. This celebration now continues with an exhibition in three parts giving information about the year of the inauguration of the museum, 1891.

It was on October 17th in 1891 that Emperor Franz Joseph officially opened, or inaugurated, the Museum of Fine Arts at its present location in Vienna. And to celebrate this grand opening 125 years ago visitors to the Museum of Fine Arts can enjoy an exhibition in three parts in the museum. These exhibitions all focus on the opening year 1891.

Dundanim / Shutterstock
  • The first part of the exhibition deals with the construction of the building itself. Here you can see pictures from the construction and get some insight in how they progressed with the work on the building.
  • The second part is in memory of the painter Julius Victor Berger. He is a painter the world has almost forgotten about, but this exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts will for sure help give this painter some more attention.
  • The third part shows how the museum evolved from 1891 and for the first 30 years. How did the museum become as big as it is today? What kind of pictures were exhibited back then and what did the museum look like?

If you want to enjoy this exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna, then go ahead and visit it right away.

The exhibition will be on display from the 18th of October until the 29th of January in 2017. You can read more about about other programs and happenings in Vienna here in our Vienna Guide. And if you come to Vienna before Christmas do not forget about the beautiful Christmas markets the city has to show!


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