How to get an Austrian IP address?

Hello! I am in need of an Austrian IP address to watch some special TV shows only available for people with Austrian IP address online. Can you give me any advice on how this can be arranged?

This is a very general problem and you are right in the fact that an Austrian IP address will solve the problem. As you might know lots of TV stations only allow people with a local IP address watch their live shows, football matches, Olympic Games and similar activities online, and in that case you need to trick them a bit, so that it will seem like you are in Austria watching the show, even though you are lying on the beach in Barcelona and enjoying the sun (or somewhere else).

To fix the problem you need to get connected to a computer/server in Austria somewhere through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and thus all your traffic on the internet will seem to come from the server in Austria, and not from your actual location (which again might be on the beach in Barcelona or maybe in New York checking out the famous attractions there).

Once this connection is made you will surf the net with an Austrian IP address and to all websites it will seem as if you are in Austria. But, how can I get this connection? Where can I find such a server?

There are quite some solutions available online to this challenge, but one solution that we have tried ourselves and that we liked a lot was a program provided by HideMyAss. When you visit their homepage you can make a subscription for one month, 6 months or 12 months and the prices are not at all high. They have servers all around the world, which means they do not only provide an Austrian IP address, but similar addresses in the UK, in the USA, in Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Norway and lots of other countries. When the subscription is made you can download their program which is small and easy to understand. Once downloaded you just enter your username and password and then you connect to the server in the country you would like to use. This means that if you start know you can surf the web with an Austrian IP address in 5-6 minutes from now, super easy!

At the moment you can then connect to a server in Klagenfurt in Austria, and once the connection is made you will have an Austria IP address. You might have to restart your web browser to make it work, but once this is made all sites on the net will look upon you as someone surfing the internet from Austria. Then you can also watch Austrian TV shows on the net only available to people in Austria. Another good thing is that with this VPN connection all your surfing on the net is encrypted, which means that none is able to steal information from you. This is a common problem using open WiFi connections around the world in cafes, hotels, restaurants and so on. But, once you connect with HideMyAss your connection is encrypted and you can safely surf the net wherever you are in the world.

If you would like to get to know more about this, click the banner beneath this text. Good luck, and hope this solution can help you!

How to get an Austrian IP address?