20th best destination in Europe

On the newest Travelers’ Choice list released by TripAdvisor in May 2011 Vienna is given a 20th place on the top destination list for Europe in 2011. The winner of the list is Paris, followed by Rome and London. Of course it would be great to get an even higher rating, but we should be happy as well just to be on the list… for example Budapest did not even get in among the top 25 destinations. The complete Travelers Choice list can be found below. Among the most important attractions in Vienna Schönbrunn, the historic center of Vienna and the Museum of Fine Arts were listed.

Top 25 destinations.
1. Paris
2. Rome
3. London
4. Barcelona
5. Prague
6. Venice
7. St. Petersburg
8. Florence
9. Edinburgh
10. Istanbul
11. Amsterdam
12. Capri
13. Dublin
14. Berlin
15. Dubrovnik
16. Oia
17. Stockholm
18. Bruges
19. Amalfi
20. Vienna
21. Krakow
22. Reykjavik
23. Rothenburg
24. Interlaken
25. Positano