Some thoughts on our stay in The Levante Laudon

This is a letter form some of our readers where they share their thoughts on their stay in The Levante Laudon. If you have any inputs, feel free to write a comment!

A guest review of The Levante Laudon

We stayed in The Levante Laudon earlier this year, in October. We came as a family, two adults and two children. What we really liked with this apartmant hotel was the brilliant location, quite near famous locations such as Rathausplatz and the famous Cafe Landtmann. Upon arrival everything went perfect, we got the key to our room and headed of to check it out. The elevator was quite small, so we had to carry our baby wagon up the stairs, but that was not really a big problem since we lived in the first floor.

Our apartmant was very cheap compared to other apartments in Vienna, but I guess that was because it was nights from Tuesday to Wednesday and from Wednesday to Thursday, which in general are much cheaper than weekends. The living room was not a giant, but worked perfectly for the purpose and the sleeping room as well. The kitchen was well equipped, so for such a short stay we had everyting we needed in the kitchen. The bathroom was also nice, so it must be said that we were very satisfied with both the look of the interior and everything. It could of course be bigger, but considering the fact that it is Vienna we are speaking about at such a central location, a price of 80-90 Euro per night is nothing for such an apartmant.

Levante Laudon in Vienna review
Picture from the reception area of Levante Laudon

Some other nice stuff in The Levante Laudon was the fact that we could order a fruit basket which waited for us in the room upon arrival. They had free WiFi which was easy to use. I know beforehand that open wireless networks are not always the safest to use, because there might be people sniffing for your personal data out there, and if you use an open wireless network without any encryption, that can easily be done, so I used a VPN provider named HideMyAss instead and connected to their server in Austria. In that way I encrypted my data and could surf safely, even in a public open network like the one in The Levante Laudon. But, brilliant the fact that they had WiFi available in the hotel, and it worked well… easy to connect and quick connection, so do not forget to bring your laptop or mobile device as you stay here.

All in all we left the apartmanthotel very satisfied. The price was good, the interior looked like and we can warmly recommend this place to others coming to Vienna in need of an apartmant. To use the free WiFi, the extra room where our children could sleep and the central location was what made us decide for this place in the first time, and if we return to Vienna some other time we might make the same decision again.

Johnson family

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