Roger Waters Vienna 2013

Roger Waters Vienna concertEverything has started in 1965, when Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, Richard Wright and Nick Mason formed the Pink Floyd. Their first album was already a great success, and the Pink Floyd became the most popular British music band next to The Beatles. A little time later Roger Waters became the major song writer of the band, for example he wrote the today classic The Wall album. He has started his solo career in 1985; he released three studio album, two concert albums, a selecting album and an opera.

George Roger Waters was born near to Leatherhead in Great Bookham in 6 September 1943. His father was a school teacher, a peaceful Christian and a member of the English Communist Side. He died in Anzio in 1944, when little Roger was only five months old. This occasion influenced most of his works, like The Wall album.

In this year, the summer of 2013, Roger Waters will start his European tour, to makes his fans happy with his music. The tour’s one stop is no other, just the capital of Austria, the famous city, Vienna. The concert’s date is 23 August 2013 in the Ernst-Happel Stadium.

Vienna always offers some fantastic program opportunities to the tourists, so it would be not “just” the concert of a live legend, it could be an experience. Be a part of the miracle in this wonderful late summer time and make the August unforgettable! Have a good time!

Roger Waters concert in Vienna
Ernst-Happel Stadium
August 23rd

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