5 things to do in Vienna

Vienna: One of the most famous composers’ starting point; one of the most outstanding cities in Middle Europe; the cultural center of this area and the capital of Austria. This is just a few word about this wonderful city, where we want to invite you, moreover, we made a short guidebook, where we collected 5 things, what you have to try, if you are in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

1. Guided sightseeing tour

The capital of Austria, Vienna is an enormous city, full with more and more famous and historical attractions, so a whole library with guidebooks wouldn’t be enough for them. But, you can find all the important information in the head of a tourist guide, who can make your sightseeing tour an unforgettable experience in Vienna. Make your trip in Austria perfect with a guided sightseeing tour and meet easily the specialties of Vienna.

2. Foods

What can be better than a delicious lunch after an exhausted sightseeing tour? You can sit in any of the restaurants in Vienna, and you wouldn’t be disappointed in the served meals. We would like to give a special place in this part of the article to the Sacher cake, what you can taste in most pastry shops in Vienna, but we want to offer you the 5 star Hotel Sacher. Taste this delicious chocolate cake with jam with a fantastic coffee, and act like the residents.

3. Beers

Fortunately, there are great opportunities to drink something great after the lunch in Vienna. The famous Steffl and Gösser are probably familiar for everyone, but these are the best, if you drink a jar of them in their fatherland. Besides the most popular ones of course there are other, not too famous, but still delicious beers in Vienna; you can choose any of them and you won’t be disappointed.

4. Shopping

In this topic we have to talk about two places: the Mariahilferstrasse and the Kärntner Strasse. On the first one, you can meet with the well-known boutiques and local specialties too. Souvenir shops, restaurants, coffee shops and other activities welcome those who visit the Mariahilferstrasse for shopping. Those who visit the Kärntner Strasse, can find fantastic stores, however mostly the luxury shops have got places here. Naturally, you can find attractions and great coffee shops here too, but it is true, the Mariahilferstrasse is better friend of your wallet than the Kärntner Strasse.

5. Carriage Ride

This could be the perfect choice for sightseeing for the lovers of old school romanticism. You can jump up a carriage and meet the attractions of Vienna in this classic way. For those who want “hail” a carriage, the best place is the Hofburg Imperial Palace. You can visit around the Austrian president’s residence, the old winter palace, the Hofburg with the carriage. We warmly recommend this opportunity for everybody who isn’t afraid of horses!

Naturally, there are thousand activities in the Austrian capital, but we have chosen these five to make a special day for you, your family, friends or partner in the beautiful capital of Austria, Vienna. Have a great time!