Would you like to join a running competition that is about so much more than just running? It is about having fun, lots of action, and interesting challenges along the way. X Cross Run in Vienna is probably the right competition for you!

X Cross Run is arranged in the popular Prater area in Vienna, the number one location for running competitions in Vienna. There are so many running competitions arranged in this area every year, but it is quite obvious that X Cross Run is one of the biggest highlights.

There are fun competitions for kids (1km, 2km, and 3km), ladies (3km), families (3km), and the main run is 5km. As you can see from the picture above, you have a lot to look forward to, no matter which race you participate in.

“X CROSS RUN” Vienna 2024

Date: June 15, 2024
Location: Prater

You can read more about the event and register at http://www.xcrossrun.at/.

If you want to find more information about all the other running competitions in Vienna that you can partake in later this year, look at our overview of events in Vienna right here.

Running Competition (Women only) 2024

Are you ready to run 5k or 10k together with thousands of other women? Come to Vienna for the annual women’s race that is arranged in May every year!

If you are early to register, the price for participation is between 35-50 euros (depending on your age). This is a great chance to explore the beautiful area around Präter in Vienna and meet fellow runners who have the same passion that you have.

There are lots of things going on in Vienna this year, so if you want to read about the other events and running competitions in Vienna, take a look at our Vienna calendar.

Women’s Race in Vienna 2024

Date: May 25 & May 26
Location: Präter

Website: https://www.oesterreichischer-frauenlauf.at/de/

Advent Run

You have probably heard about the fantastic Christmas markets in Vienna. Would you like to combine a weekend where you visit the legendary Christmas markets with a running competition in the fabulous Prater area (where you can also find a Christmas market)? It is time to register for the annual Advent Run in Vienna.

The Advent Run in Vienna is available for runners who want to run either 3km or 7km. The event takes place in the Prater area, and the start is from Prater Hauptallee. This area is popular for running competitions in Vienna, meaning that there are several other running competitions happening in exactly the same area at other times of the year.

All participants run the 3km route first. If you sign up for the 10km race, you will continue with the traditional 7km route which is in use in other races such as the Leopoldi Run.

The entry fee for the race is normally 26 euros, but if you only register on the spot in front of the race, the price will be a little bit higher.

Advent Run 2024

Date: December 1
Location: Prater Hauptallee

You can register for the race at https://www.pentek-payment.at/. If you want to read more about other things happening in Vienna during this time of the year, look here to find out what’s happening in Vienna.

Vienna Summer Night Race

There is something special about running in a city in the evening or at night. More and more cities have introduced so-called night runs in addition to the traditional marathons and half-marathons, and Vienna is one of them. Every year in June, the Vienna Summer Night Race invites runners from all across the world to participate and enjoy the beautiful city of Vienna while running distances of either 5km or 10km.

This race, like many other running competitions in Vienna, is arranged in the Prater area. The Vienna Summer Night Race is ideal for those running alone, or you can join and run together with two of your friends. It is possible to register as an individual, or as a group of three for both the 5km and the 10km distances.

The races start at Prater Hauptallee Praterstern and you run up and down the area surrounding the famous Prater Amusement Park, and you also run close to the famous Ernst-Happel Stadium in Vienna.

Vienna Summer Night Race 2024

Date: June 20
Location: Prater Hauptallee Praterstern

Would you like to participate in even more night runs in other cities in Europe? There is a fantastic night run in Budapest every year in September. If you live in Vienna, it takes less than 2 1/2 hours to drive to Budapest, making it a perfect option for those in love with running outside in the summer, but without the extreme heat in the daytime.

Where can I register for the Vienna Summer Night Race?

Unfortunately, the event doesn’t have a good website available in English which makes it a little bit more complicated. But, you can register for the race and choose the English version for registering for the race at https://www.pentek-payment.at/. There you can also register for many other races in Vienna arranged by LCC.

Are there any good hotels or apartments close to the racing competition?

It is easy to find good and cheap hotels and apartments close to the location for the night race in Vienna. Look at the map below and you will find plenty of options immediately.


Are there other cool running competitions in Vienna?

There are lots of running events happening in Vienna. We haven’t written about all of them, but you can read about the famous Vienna Marathon and a couple of other running competitions in Vienna in our Vienna events calendar.

Christmas Gospel concerts at Präter.

Would you like to prepare for Christmas with some free gospel concerts in Vienna? It is possible because there will be two fantastic gospel concerts at the Christmas market in Präter on December 17th and on December 23rd.

On December 17th, between 19.00 and 20.30, Favorhythm Gospel will perform at the stage and on December 23rd, Gospel & More will perform at the Christmas market.

What does this mean? It is a wonderful opportunity to listen to rhythms that will bring the Christmas message closer to you, and maybe warm your heart and soul, and body at the same time (if you sing along, dance along, or at least, clap your hands).

Gospel concerts at Präter.

  • December 17, 19.00 – Favorhythm
  • December 23, 19.00 – Gospel & More

There will be other (almost) daily concerts at Präter as well, so if you are in Vienna, visit the area around 19.00 to enjoy the daily concerts available. There are no concerts on Mondays and Tuesdays, but besides that, there are daily events in the area.

Experience a real looping star in Vienna

Are you in for some action and adrenaline while in Vienna? Prater is for sure a place you should visit during your stay.

We have earlier written about how you can get to the Familypark by the Neusiedler see from Vienna. But, you do not have to travel there to get adrenaline and experience some fun. Prater, also known as Wurstelprater, is a fantastic area in the city of Vienna, and here you will find fun for people of all ages. Just take a look at the fantastic ride at the picture beneath.

The  Olympia Looping in Prater Vienna
The Olympia Looping in Prater Vienna

The Olympia Looping is one of the most famous rides available in the park. It has been rumored that it will retire soon, but it is still there, and you better try it if you like such kind of rides. It first saw the light of day in 1989, and it has been at several locations in Europe before it ended up in Prater.

The price for a ride is 8,50 Euro, and for this money, you will get one minute packed with action. There is a total of 5 loops during the ride, and the highest speed during the ride is 100km.

Since you buy tickets individually for all rides in the park, there is normally no line and you can go ahead and enjoy a ride at once without standing in line!

Does this look like a nice ride to you? We have tried it… it’s amazing!