Hard Rock Cafe Lunch/Dinner Menu in Vienna – Is it worth it?

Have you read about the possibility of enjoying a set menu for lunch or dinner in Hard Rock Cafe in Vienna? Maybe you have seen the program available on GetYourGuide or somewhere else? Is it worth it? What is the food like? Does it have the same quality as the rest of the food you can eat in Hard Rock Cafe?

Hard Rock Cafe is known worldwide. People visit these restaurants in cities all around the world, and many people collect t-shirts, glasses, and other souvenirs as they visit the restaurants. But is Hard Rock Cafe really worth visiting? Isn’t it just like a more complex McDonald’s’?

Hard Rock Cafe is a piece of the United States, no matter where in the world you visit the restaurant. It is a place for hamburgers, steaks, meat, and much more. If you come to Vienna, is Hard Rock Cafe a place you should go? And is the Hard Rock Cafe menu available on GetYour Guide and elsewhere a good deal?

The Hard Rock Cafe Vienna Lunch/Dinner Menu – What’s included?

This article is based on the menu you get if you order via GetYourGuide, but you will also find a similar deal available if you visit the restaurant (and they have a free table for you).

There are two options:

  1. 2-course dinner (Main Course + Chocolate Cake) and one soft drink.
  2. 3-course dinner (Salad + Main Course + Chocolate Cake) and one soft drink.

As a main course, you can currently choose from the following options:

  • “Legendary Burger” (Angus)
  • “Moving Mountains Burger” (Vegetarian)
  • “Twisted Mac, Chicken, and Cheese Pasta”
  • “Grilled Chicken, Caesar Salad”
  • “Tupelo Chicken Tenders”
  • “Grilled Chicken Sandwich”

The price of the Gold Menu (two courses) is about €27, while the Diamond Menu (three courses) costs €37.

You also get the knowledge that a table is reserved for you at the time of your booking, which can be useful knowing that Hard Rock Cafe is a popular place and the restaurant is often full on busy evenings and during the weekends.

Is the Hard Rock Cafe menu a good option?

That is a valid question. Dining in restaurants in Vienna can be an affordable experience, and considering that you get both a main course and a dessert and a drink for €27, it isn’t a very expensive experience. But based on our own experience dining in Hard Rock Cafe and tasting several of the main courses and the dessert, we are not convinced that it is the best way to spend your money if you want a tasty meal.

(This article is based on the experience we had as a family visiting the restaurant with two adults and four kids in May 2024).

Hard Rock Cafe is great for tasting America, but we were personally not satisfied with the “Legendary Burger.” We had great expectations sitting down in the restaurant, especially to the burger, but it was disappointing. The meat itself was quite tasteless, and even though it looked good, it was a hamburger we will quickly forget.

burger in hard rock cafe

The “Twisted Mac” was another meal we looked forward to. The pasta and the cheese was okay, but the way they added a dry and boring piece of grilled chicken next to the pasta was disappointing.

Mac and Cheese in Hard Rock Cafe

The sandwich with grilled chicken was kind of misleading. I expected something like a Club Sandwich with tasty pieces of grilled chicken inside, but this wasn’t really a sandwich, but a chicken burger. All in all, this was the main course that I enjoyed the most, but still it was different from what I expected, and not something I would return to order once again.

The brownie/chocolate cake we got for dessert was mostly okay, even though it would have been better if it was warm. The cake was served with whipped cream, which feels like a cheap product to add instead of some delicious vanilla ice cream.

chocolate cake dessert in Hard Rock Cafe Vienna

What is the conclusion? Should you book such a meal in Hard Rock Cafe?

We didn’t regret going there. After all, it was a nice family experience, and the kids had fun visiting Hard Rock Cafe for the first time. But, they also said that the food we were served wasn’t something they really enjoyed, so as we go out to eat in Vienna in the future, this is not a place they would want to return.

Have you tested the experience yourself? How did you like it? Would you like to book the program? Use the event calendar and reserve the event yourself through GetYourGuide.

Hard Rock Cafe coming to Vienna?

We are still waiting, but today I just read somewhere that they heard in Barcelona, that a Hard Rock Cafe restaurant would in Vienna by the end of 2012. Who knows, but it sure would be great. Since December 14th, 2011,  a Hard Rock Cafe can be found in Budapest as well, so it is for sure time for a Hard Rock Cafe to open in Vienna as well. We will be back with more information about Hard Rock Cafe in Vienna as we get to know more. If you know anything go to the Hard Rock Cafe Vienna page and write a comment there to let us know!

Hard Rock Cafe in Vienna
Hard Rock Cafe in Vienna - not yet available, hopefully soon