Eros Ramazotti concert in Vienna 2013

Eros Ramazotti concert in ViennaAustria’s capital, the pictorial Vienna has given home to lots of talents trough years. Just like to the Italian singer, Eros Ramazotti.

Ramazotti was born in the suburb of Rome in 1963. The first time when he succeeds, was in the music festival of Castricaro with the song Rock’80 in 1981. After that he sighed up with the DDD records and he moved to Milan. From that he always succeeds.

He made lots of famous duets with talented artists together, like Andrea Bocelli, Tina Turner or Cher. His newest album has released in November of 2012. The album premier concert tour will start in the spring of 2013. Its one stop will be Vienna in 10 April 2013 in the Wiener Stadthalle.

The Wiener Stadthalle is one fantastic stadion in Vienna. It was built in 1958. Its capacity is 16 thousand people. Among other things, it’s famous because the man handball European Championship of 2010 was here.

If you would arrived to Vienna before the concert, there are several interesting programs, so you don’t have to get bored in your hotel room, when you are not exactly in Eros Ramazotti’s concert. Vernal walks near to the Danube or a view to the famous buildings are fantastic programs to everyone. Taste the Mozart chocolate or the Sacher cake, and have fun!

And when the time is coming, have a huge party in Eros Ramazotti’s concert in the Wiener Stadthalle! If you’d rather listen to Eros Ramazotti when he visits Hungary and Budapest, you can read about Eros Ramazotti in Budapest in the following article.

Eros Ramazotti concert in Vienna

April 10th

Tickets: – WorldTicketShop

Eros Ramazotti Vienna 2010

Eros Ramazotti Vienna
Eros Ramazotti Vienna

Eros Ramazotti is coming to Vienna in February 2010. The concert will be arranged in Stadthalle and it is expected to start around 19:30 February 25th. If you would like to to hear Eros Ramazotti sing and perform there are still free tickets, so just use the link below for more information.

Eros Ramazotti Vienna
February 25th – 19:30

Tickets: WorldTicketShop

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