Deep Purple Vienna 2023

Deep Purple is coming to Vienna in July. The band will perform in Stadthalle, and it is a fantastic opportunity to listen to the legendary band while discovering the beautiful attractions of Vienna.

The Deep Purple concert in Vienna is part of the band’s grand tour in 2023. Tickets are still available for the concert, and the cheapest tickets cost approximately 80 euros.

Deep Purple Vienna 2023

July 12

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Deep Purple concert in Vienna 2017

On May 17th Vienna will welcome Deep Purple to town. One of the biggest pioneer bands in the rock industry will perform in Stadthalle at 20.00 on this day!

Deep Purple is said to be the pioneers of rock music as we know it today together with Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. And yes, even though they are old (the band was formed in 1968), they are still going strong, and during their Europe tour they will visit lots of cities in Europe, including Vienna, Zagreb, Prague, Lodz, Amsterdam, Paris and lots of other cities.

Deep Purple concert in vienna

On May 17th it is time for the band to stop in Vienna, only one day after the Deep Purple concert in Zagreb. If you did not know it, then May 17th is the Norwegian national day. You should therefore not be surprised if you see some Norwegian flags during the concert, because Norwegian people coming to this concert will for sure combine the Deep Purple concert with a celebration of the Norwegian national day.

Deep Purple Vienna 2017

May 17th, 20.00

Tickets: Viagogo

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We wish you a pleasant stay in Vienna!